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  1. I got it on 14th of March, last week, I ordered 31 st December. I got everything but one roll of flexible PLA. And by the way I got somedody elses documentation in the outside of the box.
  2. Si es una pieza que has modelado tu, mira a ver si el STL tiene la suficiente resolución. A mi me paso la primera vez. Con respecto al plano x,y tendrás que probar, ajustado la velocidad más que otra cosa. Mientras imprimes puedes ir al menú TUNE y cambiar la velocidad y la temperatura según se imprime, ajustalo y si das con el punto úsalo en la impresión definitiva. Saludos
  3. I got my printer waiting for me at home. It took less than 24 hours, from the moment I got the traking number. :-P :-P :-P
  4. Hola Copi. Pues mira, yo he hecho el pedido el 30 de Diciembre. En ese momento el tiempo de entrega era de 6 a 8 semanas. estamos ahora en la semana 11 y todavia no la tengo. Han debido de tener una gran cantidad de pedidos, que no se esperaban. El caso es que hay personas que han pedido despues de mi y ya la tienen. En España no conozco ninguna tienda donde puedas comprarla fisicamente. Saludos.
  5. Ok Sander. I would think last update is no longer valid. What about an update on the update? Mr. Bates ordered the same day as I did, and He already playing with his printer. I will be happy if at least I got my tracking number. This is my 11th week, I ordered 30th of December.
  6. Sorry to hear that Aaron. Look in a thread called "Shipment on hold???" started by LIST4FormZ. By the way, when did you order yours?
  7. Robotixlab did you get your shipment? I ordered on 30th of December. Leadtime back then was 6 to 8 weeks.
  8. Thank you handyman. this is quite interesting. I was told that my orden had a fair chance of being sent on friday 7th of march. I didn't get it yet. I guess ordering to 3rds parties would be faster. So there you have it for thouse guys thinking to order, I ordered the 30th of december. Now I am begining to regret ordering direct. The bank would give me some good interest for that money. I would let you know when I get mine.
  9. Hello Alfonso. Wellcome to the club of Spaniers waiting to get the ultimaker2 bought the last week 2013 or first week of 2014, and are still waiting anxiously. :-P I order mine from ultimaker webstore on December 31. I am especting to get the tracking number for the shipment this week, as per SandervG #461 forum message, updating on lead times. Since your order is with Igo3D, I guess you will get it about the same time as me, but everything depends on the path of the shipment. What would it be? Anybody? Some lucky owner with his printer at home?
  10. Hola Alberto. Se refiere a la velocida horizontal del cabezal de extrusion (X, Y). No creo que el motor de la Z necesite moverse tan rapido, aunque dodria hacerlo.
  11. Come on, just for the unlucky ones. A little report on lead time. Any admin? SandervG?
  12. hahahaha Skint my ultimaker corner is ready since I ordered. I didn´t realize it will take that long. Now when I look at that corner I think "How longer will it take!!!!!". I think I will end up putting a full size picture of it. Skint, when did you order yours?
  13. What about a little update on current lead times? Thankyou.
  14. Lo siento Ritzenthaler, no hablo frances pero entiendo que estas un poco desesperado, esperando una doodle 3D WIFI. Es eso?
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