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  1. Fork / Spoon Handle

    My wife occasionally has problems with her joints. When they hurt and are swollen, she can barely hold a fork or spoon in her hand.
    There is "orthopedic" cuttlery with thicker handles that can be bought, but they're usually expensive and/or ugly. We wanted something that would benefit everyone by making a 3D-printable handle for widely used (and easily available) IKEA forks.

    modify / improve a fork so that it can be used by people with joint problems
    it needs an "angled" surface, so that it's easier to grip
    it should fit a regular IKEA Dragon fork and/or spoon
    it should be removable, so that the forks can be washed in a regular dishwasher
    it should be easy to print without support material

    I designed the handle in OpenSCAD so that the parameters could be customized if someone wants a thicker handle or has a different fork. It fits both the fork and spoon in the IKEA Dragon cuttlery set. The source code can be found here, licensed as CC BY-SA so that others can profit too.


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