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  1. If someone can inform me how to use the replace.csv in the current_profile.ini file, all you would have to do for dual extruders is to first change A to B, then E to A, very simple. You just process the second extruder before the main extruder. Upon further investigation, it looks like replace.csv is no longer a working feature as I loaded up version 12 of Cura and the replace.csv works as it should.
  2. From originally starting printing with Skeinforge, replace.csv easily replaces E with A, and will also remove M codes. There is a replace.csv= place holder in current_profile.ini. I am easily generating 100-200mb gcode files with a 0.25mm nozzle and 0.1mm layers. looking how to properly use the replace.csv in current_profile.ini. I need to replace E with A, and can work with changing M to ;M, and T to ;T Skeinforge replace.csv format is E(tab)A M(tab);M but I can't figure out how to format it in current_profile.ini.
  3. I'm printing with Mach3. I manually control my hot-end, heated bed, and fans. I need a way to remove all M codes, and change the extruder from E to A. With Skeinforge I am able to do this with replace.csv. Can I link to a replace.csv by altering current_profile.ini, or do i need to place what I need for a replace.csv into the .ini file? Would also like to remove comment lines in gcode. No problems running manually edited code. I see there is a Z-lift plugin, is there a jitter plugin to randomize the perimeter start points? Copied over jitter.py for Skeinforge but doesn't display in plugins.
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