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  1. OK, Big steps toward solution :smile: I placed the package "Cura-14.01-debian.deb" in a folder in the "Downloads" and extracted it there. Started Cura from the from the /usr/share folder (in downloads) with "python cura.py". Cura starts nicely . I load a random .STL file. This slices nicely. I select File /print and it works !!!! YES!!! Now trying to find what is wrong in the normal install ... Stay tuned :smile:
  2. I did the test selecting "run bed leveling wizard" in expert menu and select "connect" the connection is established right away when i got home. This works and after the 4 corners are adjusted and the PLA filament is heated to 190°C, a double line is printed . When I load a STL file and after the slicing finished , I select FILE/PRINT or tap CTRL P nothing happens :sad: ... What is wrong? Anyone got suggestions please?
  3. Hi All , I downloaded some time ago ( 13 jan 2014 ) version 14.01 for Linux : Cura-14.01-debian.deb.( wich is no longer on the site (?) ). After some manipulations , I got this working on my Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Dell Laptop. I have a old Acer laptop wich is a little too old to run Ubuntu, but runs fine with Lubuntu 12.04. I got RepetierHost and Pronterface working on Lubuntu, but I prefer Cura because of it's sppeed and ease of use. I installed Cura 14.01 and everything works , except for the printing. Selecting FILE / PRINT or Ctrl-P don't open the second window like on my Ubuntu laptop :s
  4. Hello Jeremie, I did something wrong . Could you please you please explain the make part I downloaded the zip from https://github.com/Ultimaker/CuraEngine as CuraEngine-master.zip and unpacked it. Then I lost you. I need to cd to CuraEngine-master and then ....i'm lost; no idea what to do next. Can you help out again please :oops:
  5. OK, Slicing works. It also made version 14.01 which is great But now Printing still doesn't work. Any sugestions on that, by any chance :?:
  6. Super, thanks a lot for the reply I try that this evening
  7. Hi, I'm a Ubuntu user I'm looking for a Cura version for Ubuntu Linux. I've found in the "unstable/testing and older downloads" some Linux versions, and downloaded version Cura-13.12-debian.deb of 23 december. Unfortunately the slicing part doesn't work, so , off course the printing part doesn't work either. Any idea when the support for Linux comes back or where to start looking for fixing version 13.12? Many thanks in advance Marc
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