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  1. I ordered a UM1 nearly a month ago. When will the UM1+controller+Doodle3d ship? The lack of response is frustrating to say the least and a bad way to treat a paying customer. You have already charged me and its unprofessional to be unresponsive. My patience has limits and I will cancel the order and have the charges reversed soon if I don't receive the UM1 order in a timely fashion.
  2. It's listed again but still out of stock: http://www.makershed.com/Ultimaker_2_3D_Printer_p/mkum3.htm
  3. Just noticed that the web site says 2-4 week lead time on the UM1. Well I'm coming up on 4 weeks... This is a very frustrating thing with all of these small 3D printer manufacturers. The don't staff up for the demand or the production / shipping process is derailed because people are travelling.
  4. Mine was ordered on 2/11. There was a note on the site about the UM1+Ulticon+Doodle3d deal for 995 euros stating that they wouldn't ship until March. However, it is now March and my card has been charged but no UM1... I'm becoming less and less happy each day with this process.... I have already sent an e-mail to sales back in feb and they repeated the note above. Followed up now that it is March and haven't received a response.
  5. The UM2 doesn't seem to be listed by Makershed. Did they give up on getting it?
  6. Just had another thought. Instead of disassembling the machine, if you have some feeler gauges, you could use them to check the distance from the nozzle to the bed at various points where you are seeing changes in the layer. That would tell you if either the bed is not flat or the rods aren't straight or the bed isn't remaining level. I'm referring to these usually available at automotive stores: http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=feeler+gauge&qpvt=feeler+gauge&FORM=IGRE If there is a consistent gap between the nozzle and bed then I would suspect that the material feed and/o
  7. You could hold the rods together in parallel and hold up to a bright light to see if light shines through. Then roll one rod a partial revolution like 1/4 of a turn and recheck. then repeat for the other. Or if you had a mirror you could roll the rods on it and see if they wobble or always settle a certain way.
  8. HAD has been doing a quick series on CAD tools. See http://hackaday.com/tag/3d-printering
  9. So I looked into this a little which I should have done before purchasing!!!! Anyway, Visa/MC will charge an additional 1% and the issue can add 1-3% more! My issuer added 2%. From: http://www.bankrate.com/brm/news/cc/20010416a.asp: Capital One, MBNA America, FleetBoston and Wachovia are not charging fees on foreign transactions. None of the nation's credit unions charge these fees. Most community banks don't either. HTH.
  10. I used a credit card to pay directly in Paypal for the 995 euro UM1 combo for a total of 1050.23 euros w/shipping. At mid February this equated to 1436.71 USD + a 43.10 USD foreign transaction fee. So $159sounds much too high. Seems like it should be 75-80 USD. Could you use a credit card? Check their xact fee first!
  11. Hi gr5 and Daid, thanks for helping me, Yes, I have the R number. What should I do with it? IM it or is it OK to post it? I messaged Sander but haven't received a response yet.
  12. Thank you for the response. I haven't received the DHL number yet. It was noted that the "special" won't ship until March. So I'm just wondering if there is a schedule sort of like the one exists for the UM2. I'll ping Sander to see if he can supply any info. Thanks.
  13. Hi, I ordered one of the UM1+Ulticontroller+Doodle3D specials because the price was AWESOME! Is there a shipment schedule for these? Order has been in this state for the past week or so: Order date February 11, 2014 Order Complete Payment Paid Shipment Ready I'm not used to waiting and need instant gratification these days :-)
  14. I'm in the United States and would like to order a UM2. I have a couple questions. How long is the order lead time? Is it really 8-10 weeks? What is the approximate cost to ship to the US? Are there any custom problems? Are there any US distributors besides MakerShed (currently out of stock with no estimate of availability). Thanks.
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