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  1. Here is your excuse to design some smart toys for her Congrats!
  2. Made a few mods and pimped out my original Ultimaker a bit I really wanted to install Robert's cable chain, so I had to make a mod for it. Also, I made some reduced ratio herringbone feeder gears for use with SilentStepStick stepper drivers. If anybody needs some of them I uploaded them on YouMagine page
  3. thanks i play wth hdrs map and some control it That is a pretty sweet render indeed ^^ Nice and smooth! What metallic paint are you using?
  4. Yep, I suspect the top one is printed with HIPS and is just a support material. Personally, I never had any luck using dual extrusion (or having any real application). It always seems to cross-contaminate materials (unless you increase retraction). But the cone looks nice and clean
  5. Sorry I've been MIA for the past year My work has been depleting my creative juices Speaking of work, my co-workers can get pretty rowdy at times. And since the stock nerf guns didn't do the trick, I had to upgrade mine (+10 to intimidation) I promise I'm working on something cool in the meantime, just can't show it yet
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  7. Thanks for this tip, it seems very useful when dealing with large areas that need to be smooth!
  8. I go about it the same way you describe, there is nothing special in my technique I just drybrush the hell out of everything. And I plan on how I wish to paint it, way back when I model it.
  9. That's an amazing level of fine surface detail. How did you preserve it? (when sanding layers off I mean) That's what happens when I leave for a week to play Destiny, miss all the great content
  10. @SandervG Wow, how could I miss that post? That's an awesome print and functional too I'm not a huge fan of mechs, but maybe I can make some robots for my next artistic spree
  11. I've finally finished the character. Paintjob took a little longer than expected But it came out pretty much as I hoped. Hope it lived up to your expectations as well. @Valcrow That's an awesome bike, I want to make one too now haha
  12. I'm never satisfied haha, more like got tired of sanding and dremeling. This is PLA (would probably work with abs in the future). I got it to a point of it being decent and buildup layers not bothering me too much . I put it together with superglue (gel variant), which let me wiggle parts into place for a few seconds before gripping it. I used Tamiya putty to cover up the seams, sanded it and filed to get all the big stuff out. Primed it first time (it tends to get into small cracks), sanded it once more and primed it again. @Didier Klein It took some time to print, maybe a week of pure printing time. It took longer to sand it and assemble. Thanks for feedback guys, I'll try my best
  13. Hey Guys, It's been a while since I posted my Yoda test. In the meantime I was working on my original character to test the limits of the original Ultimaker. He is based on the legend of Conan stories, he is whopping 32 cm tall and composed of 20 separate pieces (not counting the tiny ones). I've made the 3d model using 3ds Max and Mudbox. So far he is assembled and primed; next step - paint job. Packed and ready for migration into office. Hope you guys like it
  14. Hey guys, I finally built my Ultimaker last week and decided to check what this puppy can do. For my second print, I decided to give Yoda a chance and printed him at .06mm layer height. This is what he looks like after some sanding and a paintjob: Let me know what you guys think! I would be happy to know if you have some tips for squeezing more juice from the original Ultimaker.
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