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  1. Contrary to popular belief..size Does matter!
  2. Great prints being uploaded!! I am jealous and need to swap my UM2 for a UM3! Part Ex anyone?
  3. Yeah the main tech guy there was ready to throw the machine away in frustration lol... he hadn't really heard of the Atomics...so I said "do you mind me having a go at getting it running again". Few atomics later and a replaced bowden tube and all running fine. His settings were pretty bad, running some PLA`s at 220-240 degrees with a 80 degree bed etc!! Our main use is prototyping hardware for the building industry, window locks etc. Boring stuff but the UM2 is perfect for this kind of fast development.
  4. Yeah they looked pretty decent! The program showed two um2s running full time Oh edit: I must say too.... I started a new job recently and in the main office sits an unused UM2...clogged up and not printing too well.... so, after a few days I get stuck in... now they have a fully working UM2 again
  5. Watching Grand Designs here in the UK... A program all about self-build houses. This weeks builder uses UM2s for his London based architectural office
  6. I cant say im too excited about the pcb board holder... but i was entertained by the guys enthusiasm and squeaky voice lol
  7. I had a 18 hour print fail when it reached 16 hours..... twisted filament! :(
  8. Ultimaker is turning into the new Apple! Same gadget just slightly smaller, bigger, rounded edges lol
  9. Lol skint, let me explain. e-NABLE .... (^.^)~ mew haha Les, the e-NABLE bit I do understand...its all that techy electronic language you speak that bamboozles me lol
  10. I wish I knew what you was going on about LesHall
  11. Same here mate. I downloaded their free version Sculpteo i think it was called...but after a day or so of playing with it I gave up!
  12. Awww gr5 I couldnt take any pics as my phone died long before I got there :(. Lol Sander, almost said that yeah! I was meant to talk to them about potential future work and some collaboration, but spent most of our time talking about how ace the UM2 is They are planning on possibly purchasing the extended too!
  13. I know what you mean cloakfiend. I think if I was skilled at Zbrush or something similar...I would be creating awesome characters and creatures. But...I`m rubbish at zbrush as all my creations are of the mechanical/technically minded Oh edit: cloakfiend I forgot to ask, where abouts in the UK are you?
  14. I have been doing some contract design work recently for a hardware company, they design and develop products for the window and door industry (locks, handles, letterboxes etc ). Today I went to a large exhibition to see a few people and visited one stand in particular....What did they have on their stand?....Only a flippin UM2 up and running printing samples
  15. I`m in contact with a plastics company, starting to get involved with the 3D printer filament world. They seem to have developed an incredibly biodegradable material.
  16. Lol cloakfiend, so far I have resisted the temptation to just print anything. My printer lies dormant quite a bit, and only comes to life when I have something purposeful to print. Trying to resist the urge to print some pretty cool things though...which even though cool.. i know will just end up lying around collecting dust!
  17. And Low Poly Pokemon! Those are the worst! Haha yes they are! Every day I see crap like that being printed on my facebook feed. There must be many thousands of tonnes of 3D printed junk out there now.
  18. I mean COME ON! Who places a crappy order on 3dhubs and asks for a student discount! Answer is NO! lol
  19. Nice work peggyb! The amount of 3d printed JUNK in the world now, the oceans will soon be filled with decomposing Yoda`s and Star wars crap lol
  20. Interesting technique though 8)
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