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  1. hi again. I have sorted out the problem. I replaced the fan on the underside of the ultimaker. The problem has gone away (hopefully for good). I think the old fan wasn't running consistently. Thanks for the help. The prontrface programme was quite good for testing things.
  2. As best I can see there aren't any pulleys popping. There is a clunking noise at times. I think the noise is coming from the motors. If I turn off the power and push the head around it doesn't feel completely smooth but I wouldn't say there is a lot of resistance either. I have tried another computer and the same problem recurred. When the firmware was installed it was done from a Mac, but it worked fine with the PC I am using after that. I had the speed set quite low (20mm/s), could this be part of the problem?
  3. Thanks for the responses so far. I am uploading a video to show better what I mean. As you can hopefully see the extruder continues to move smoothly while the head is stuttering along. I think this why I am seeing 'beads' the PLA is being laid down even though the head isn't moving. I have tried disconnecting everything else, closing everything else down etc. Ran laptop on battery instead of power supply. Tried plugging printer into a different plug. No difference on anything there. I will get a different computer and update then. Hopefully it is just a USB issue. Although the same computer worked fine at the weekend.
  4. Hi, I built an original UM and got it working fine at the weekend. Then I moved it to a different location. When I run the bed-levelling wizard I get beads along the calibration lines and it is clear that the printer is losing its way. It 'thinks' it is still moving when the beads are being printed. I am using the USB controller from a PC. The problem (start/stop) is happening on all three axes and it seems to be quite regular (as you can see from the pattern). Since it is happening on all three axes I don't think it is a problem with an individual motor or pulley. I have retightened all the pulleys though. I am not sure the fan by the electronics board is definitely on; is it a problem with thermal cutouts? Any help appreciated.
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