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  1. Thanks gr5 and IRobertI for your continued help with this. I'm glad to hear my suspicions about going slower were correct. It was that very post that I was using as my basis for the "slow it down" theory. The fan is running at 100%. I will use the other suggestions on travel speed and retraction and see how close I can get, understanding that it may just be the chemical nature of the white PLA. Thanks again you two, and I'll see if I can't get another image posted at the start of next week PS Thanks for the tip about the "changing of temps on the fly". I did know that you could do that,
  2. I've done some more prints and had a little improvement in terms of stringing, but eventually ran into underextrusion problems. The pics below show the results at different temps. 220 Degrees 210 Degrees 200 Degrees - with small bits of underextrusion right at the base of the posts... 190 Degrees - which is where the underextrusion gets really bad... And then back up to 195 Degrees - where the underextrusion (and some structural integrity :smile: ) issues still occur So my new theory is that the speed of the print now needs to come into play. I'm thinking tha
  3. It is the former. As the filament changes direction, the tube flexes slightly. It is fixed in position at both ends. I seem to be getting this problem with other colors too, but as you've explain, it is most likely a temperature related issue. I will run my experiment with different temperatures using the white PLA and see if it improves. Even if it doesn't come out perfect, I'll know what adjustments to make with those other colors.
  4. The retraction is definitely happening as I see the large gear in the back reversing direction and the Bowden tube moving as the filament suddenly changes direction. Thank you gr5 for the link to the photos of the calibration tests. The "strings" on the right-most tower of the stringing test with 100% are exactly what my "hangers" look like. I'll reprint the same structure tomorrow and adjust the temperature at different heights to try and dial in what works best. I'll keep the speed consistent for the experiment. (But looking at some of the speeds shown in the labels of your images, that
  5. Greetings everyone, Hoping someone can help me out with this retraction problem... at least I think it is a retration problem. :-) As you can see from the picture below, there is a "hanger" of PLA left on each post where the filament retracts so the nozzle can travel to the next post and begin extruding again: I usually just cut these off, but I'm wondering if I should be even getting them in the first place. I'm hoping another Ultimaker user can tell me if these "hangers" are something that is supposed to be there, and then just removed after the print. Or if there is something
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