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  1. Funny, I have not checked this thread for some time but I have been thinking of building something almost exactly like that lately After playing with a Delta Tower past days I have to admit that I am slightly in love with that concept too though That is quite surprising, but on the other hand we have tested an aluminum version of the Olsson block and came to the conclusion that aluminum is not a good choice. A brass block seems to be the most reliable option when using brass (or stainless steel) nozzles.
  2. Nope, that was not correct for precisely the reason that you explain, sorry for that. I guess we are looking at around 100 posts per day or so (?), but there seems to be no easy way to find out. Is the post counter on this forum is probably only tracking new threads? (the numbers are quite low) For what I do, the main issue, apart from the forum layout/functionality, is that many of the key users from the old forum seems to more or less have disappeared with the forum upgrade. I would really have needed quick response from those users in order to give input on and test new products. I ha
  3. Yeah And as a result of that, the number of posts on the new forum seems to be stuck at about 30/day (EDIT:not correct) , compared to the 170/day the old forum had. Not surprisingly, you can now see how ultimaker.com is dropping in the Alexa-ranking: http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/www.ultimaker.com I just wish the old forum would have been reopened long time ago: http://oldforum.ultimaker.com Even if the old forum was not perfect, it at least offered decent basic forum functionality and had a readable layout. This new thing simply fails to attract me... and I keep missing the old forum...
  4. Well, Ultimaker has quite a challenge in front of them if the goal is to bring the forum back to the popularity it used to have. We are seeing about 30 posts per day on the new forum (including this thread, which only exists because of the new forum) while the old forum had about 170 posts per day. I think the main challenge, apart from sorting out the bugs, is that many people had a bad start with the new forum and such feeling tends to stick with the design/look of the website. Selling a product that had a bad start is always difficult if it looks the same, even if it really has been impro
  5. I had a visit from Ultimaker too last Thursday and we had a rather constructive discussion. We will see what this results in, but I can tell you that the forum certainly looked much better on the previews they showed me.
  6. http://oldforum.ultimaker.com or direct link: http://oldforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/chat/&_popup=1
  7. There is "a rumor" that the chat on the old forum is still working
  8. So, for those of you who are surprised by me leaving this forum, here is my explanation: What makes a forum good? - Nice and skilled users - Valuable stored information - Easy to use layout (easy to post and find information) So, to make a forum successful, obviously you need to attract skilled users willing to offer their help for free. You also need and efficient way to collect and store the information. And you need to present the information in a reasonable way That (a part from the quite useless search function and cumbersome picture upload) was there on the old forum. I spent
  9. I am about to leave this community too, unless the old forum is opened for posting again within days. I was about to order an UM2GO a month ago, luckily I have been way too busy, so that decision was postponed, and now I am pretty sure there are not going to be another Ultimaker at my place. Nor am I going to develop any of the upgrades I was planning for the UM2. I will focus on general things that fits other printers too instead. And I am not going to recommend anyone to buy an Ultimaker because what I have seen happening lately, with Ultimaker in general and with this forum in particular
  10. I picked some numbers from webarchive: http://web.archive.org/web/20150316054047/http://umforum.ultimaker.com/ If someone write down the numbers from the community page every now and then and we can all easily determine how popular the new forum is compared to the old one (assuming the spam problem is solved, of course). I wonder what has happened to the ~50k posts that are gone after the migration by the way.. (?)
  11. Some features/functions that was there or did work in the old forum and are now gone/broken (apart from that the general design is broken): - All citations, internal links and embedded videos from the old forum seems broken. This represents a tremendous loss of value (money) for Ultimaker and I have a hard time understanding how that happened. Was there no beta tests of the migration software at all, like feeding a reasonably large thread through the software and check that the output looks good? (Nope, I am not going to go through my old posts fixing the links) - The preview button is gon
  12. :-) I might sound aggressive, but just check in the old forum and you get an idea: http://web.archive.org/web/20150316054047/http://umforum.ultimaker.com/ For example: With my current computer I can see four topics at the same time in the new forum. Using the same level of zoom (font size/readability) in the old forum I can see ten (!) topics at the same time. However, there is no additional information in the new forum compared to the old one.
  13. Finally, the login/reset password issue seems to have been resolved. In my opinion, you can go on and do bug fixes an updates, but it does not solve the main problem. The design/layout of this new forum is fundamentally flawed, and you would have to look at well established platforms like phpBB if you want something that is attractive for forum-users. If you do that, you would most likely end up with something that looks much like the old forum, that is why I keep recommending you to open up the old forum again. There is a reason for the old-school look at most forums: It uses colored bar
  14. This is an interesting topic. When it comes to ease of use I prefer metric, mainly because we don't use fractions, but decimal numbers. Form an engineers point of view though, the application of the metric system makes things quite ugly some times. Just look at metric screws, where pitch and sizes are just even numbers in metric and has nothing to do with optimizing the properties of the screw. The gap between M6 and M8-screws for example, or the fact that M5 has a pitch comparable to fine thread where most other normal pitch metric screws are in between coarse and fine. One can be a bit
  15. Nice work! :smile: It was something like that I had in mind when I wrote "magnetic kinematic mount" in the custom heater block thread. We use Thorlabs kinematic mounts at work, you can have a look at how those are designed if you consider making a metal version: https://www.thorlabs.com/newgrouppage9.cfm?objectgroup_id=1546&pn=KB75/M Using three ball bearing balls and steel rods like on the Thorlabs mounts makes it both very precise and durable. There are many interesting possibilities that appear if you can switch heads like that. For example you might be able to change filament in t
  16. Okay, thank you for your reply, I kind of suspected that. I might have to go for another slicer for objects with this walls then.
  17. This inability of Cura to print single line objects is something which has caused me quite a lot of trouble and I am surprised that I don't read more complaints about this. As far as I understand some other slicers like Makerware can slice single line structures. See this one for example: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:289650 (Using Cura you will have to print such object twice the size to get the physical properties right :shock: ) Another situation where Curas double walls are really limiting is when printing text on surfaces. You have to go for a rather large bold font to make Cura p
  18. I did some further investigations and I have to add some corrections: The X-axis never hit the end stop (the belt pulley), but went very close. It appeared like was hitting the pulley when homing though. My fan holders were slightly bent, not much though. Nothing close to the photo previously posted, I doubt it could have made the fan sit more than a millimeter closer to the wall when homing. I was testing it a bit now and fan is still extremely close to the wall when homing, even though the limit switch tab is bent and the fan holder looks like it is supposed to. If I move the head to the
  19. Hi! I've had the same issue on my UM2. It worked fine the first few prints as I can remember, then it from time to time developed an ugly sound when homing the head after the print was finished. It looked like the whole print head bent when homing, but I did not realize that the fan was hitting the sidewall until I read this thread, thanks! :smile: Anyway, I concluded that the print head was for unknown reason not hitting the limit switch when it should, so I just bent the tab of the limit switch a bit so it activates a bit earlier. It is working fine since then. I did not realize the fan
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