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  1. any1 can help me with the specs of the wire? There are 2 black and 2 grey wires connected from the PCB to heated bed.
  2. Thanks i will try to replace the wiring for a start.
  3. I have a heated bed problem that lasted for months. In the first few months of printing, the heated would stop heating mid print and cause a disaster of material clog in the nozzle. Now, the heated wont even raise its temperature. There is no error shown so im assuming the temperature sensor to the bed is fine. However, the heating element is missing. I can print on a cold bed but its better to fix it. I have done some investigations of my own and i found out that once i start to increase the bed temperature manually, the pcb board Q1 will light up in red. Is that normal? Is the problem at the
  4. Thanks for the advice gr5. I will try to further remove the head and ask for support help.
  5. When I was printing overnight on my Ultimaker 2, I was shocked to see material clogged within the extruder housing. I realized that the massive clog was due to heated bed losing connection and affecting the print. I proceeded on to remove the fans to clear the clog around the nozzle. However, the material has already hardened around the 2 wires that are providing heat for the nozzle. I have managed to clear most of the clog but it seems that the wires have already burnt and broken off. There are still excessive wire fragments still trapped together with some hardened material within the wire i
  6. ok thanks for all the advice! Im located in singapore actually, not sure if they would ship it to me but i will try.
  7. Hi, I just got my hands on a UM2 and im very satisfied with the performance. However, there were 2 ABS filaments short when the UM2 arrived. Additionally, on 30 April i ordered an additional 4 rolls of PLA filament. May i know how long is the lead time of the filaments? My order numbers are https://www.ultimaker.com/orders/R525107766 and https://www.ultimaker.com/orders/R882412551. Thanks for helping me look into it as i need the filaments urgently. Regards Lionel
  8. I have just got my printer yesterday and its working very well!! Thumbs up to ultimaker 2!
  9. ok until now i havent recieved any news about the change in address. I have checked my account and it still states the wrong address. Additionally, could i have an idea on when will my order arrives? Thanks.
  10. How can i change my delivery address because i have just changed office location? I tried email to support but to no avail. my order number is R882412551. In case you need, my new office address is 18 Boon Lay Way #07-101 Singapore 609966. Thanks.
  11. Hi Sander, I would like to check on the estimated delivery date of my order R882412551. As im shifting office soon, would it be possible to change the delivery address if the delivery arrives after i have already shifted? Additionally, will there be tracking information for us to monitor the delivery? Thanks. Lionel
  12. I need a quotation for ultimaker 2 asap. I have called in a few times from singapore but it is still stuck in the quotation stage until now since weeks ago. Hope that you can reply me with a quotation soon. Ticket details: FEY-547-79155
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