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  1. Just to follow up, I followed your instructions and it works perfectly now. Thanks!
  2. Thanks, I'll give that a try. I'd read the same procedure elsewhere, but wanted to make sure it wasn't going to radically move one end of the gantry out of alignment. Yes, I did manage to fix the other problem. The Y-axis rod had slipped out of the bottom of both the front and back rod retainers which resulted in the rear retainer canting slightly forward (less than 1mm). Unfortunately this was just enough to make it miss the limit switch, which led to a few painful moments of my clamouring for the off switch.
  3. I recently received my UM2, and the bottom of the front X-axis belt is very slack. It jumps around visibly while printing. Is there any procedure for equalizing the tension on the top and bottom of the belt? It might be worth mentioning that the Y-axis rod had actually come out of the black boxes during transit, but only enough that it made the X-axis endstop switch miss the black box, thereby smashing the X-axis into the left side of the unit as it tried to home.
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