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  1. I have a Ultimaker dual and I have been trying to upgrade to cura. 1st problem is that cura is not working with windows8.1 my second problem is I was trying to update the firmware and now the LCD display is blank. I have tried cycling the power on the Ultimaker and at power up the LCD still remains blank. The machine was working before with ReplicatorG But everything went bad when I try to update the firmware.
  2. Hello New to 3d printing, just bought a new 3d printer and a laptop to run it. I am a journeyman machinist so Additive manufacturing has me interested. http://www.ebay.com/itm/300972739406 The software that came with it was replicatorG . So far it and cura will not work on the laptop. I have had to use my desktop running win7 and it runs great. I am just having the usual issues a lot of people starting out have. like not sticking to the Heated Build Platform. My question is Im not able to run the printer with the laptop running Win8.1 the isue it is giving me is with untrusted software and drivers. What do I need to do to fix this? Also a lot of my experience with machining has been with mastercam7 currently there is no 3d printer support in mastercam, but I have seen solidworks is getting involved. I need a full software suit to go from design to print and Im not sure whats the best for an entry level person getting into 3d printing? And how do I get cura to work in Win8.1? Thanks for any advice. Scott
  3. I just received my UM the other day and it came only with ABS so I have only been able to run a few prints. As I am tweaking things I notice when printing ABS with a layer of .12, weather I do a raft or not it always broke loose from the heated build platform. But with a layer of .15 it was all good. Im using RepG software with skin50. Also in the G-code I paged down till I got past the rafting and 1-2 layers of infill and manually added a line to the program to lower the HBP temp to 105. M109 S105 T1 for the print I was working with its the twisted heart box on thingverse 100% Infill .18 Layer (anything less and the print head drags through the print) 1 Shell 55 mm/s feed 125 mm/s rapid 225c Extruder temp 115 HBP My next issue though is I bought a new laptop to run the printer. As it turns out Windows8 does not like Cura So I have to run RepG on my win7 desktop
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