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  1. For some weird reason dropped to Zero after 3 of 4 prints. We discovered this and its working well again
  2. Its cost Euros 2000 so I think that should class as semi-professional. If it were an inkjet printer then WOW it would be the best. Looking forward to the second extruder head...
  3. Hi there. Guess what. One of my staff checked the temperature and it was on zero art the beginning of the build. We set to 220 and hey presto it works fine! Its weird that after 3 prints of the same item the fourth failed because the temperature dropped. We printed 10 parts now and 4 more on the machine! I have gone from despair to joy I do think at the price it should work. I think I have the solution.. Buy another and have more chance of keeping going. It is brilliant when it works. We use PLA dissolved in MEK as the the glue on the glass bed and that works a treat to stop warping and lifting at the edges. We are also getting good at removing support structure.. How do I add a photo..? Francis
  4. Dear Mario What problems you have had!!!. I question the professional nature of these machines. My problems are different. Actually the 3mm filament is fine for me. Grub screw fell out. Check yours is not loose... did you check the tightness? Definately should NOT tighten feed screws for 3mm filament. I did this and it would not feed at all. Its a new market and we are the guinea pigs! I definately would not want to be the manufacturer...
  5. Yesterday I replaced the heater on my U2 as it had burned out. I got 3 good prints. Then the heater stopped working and the fourth print failed. I did a continuity test and the heater is fine. I reset everything and did set up from scratch. When it came to inserting the filament the heater heated up fine. However when it came to printing the job the heater cooled dowm and printing could not commence. I cannot heat up heater through the maintenance settings either. Any ideas?? I am getting desperate. I have a job to complete this weekend. Also do people consider these RP machines to be PROFESSIONAL? We are a design agency and have found the U2 to be invaluable however it goes wrong for one reason or another. Francis Dufort
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