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  1. I finally got my the printer bed leveled. I had to uninstall the latest version of Cura and reinstall an older one. Thanks for looking though!
  2. I'm selling my Ultimaker Original+. There are some broken pieces on two of the sliding blocks, but they still work. Let me know if you're interested. I'm willing to part with it and the four spools of filament for $450. I'll also throw in 4 spools of Taulman 3D filament. They are sealed in their original packaging 1x Taulman 910 1x Taulman Bridge 1x Taulman 618 1x Taulman T-Glase Taulman Store link: http://taulman3d.com/buy-direct.html I am located in the USA, in Buffalo, NY.
  3. Problem solved. Heater cable was too tight and was dragging the z-stage down.
  4. I just finished assembling the UM+ and I am having trouble with the Z-Stage. Every time I try to calibrate the Z-switch, the print bed immediately drops approximately .635 cm (1/4 inch) and then stops. It's not a slow drop either. It's immediate. I've raised the print bed several times, and found this happens all the way down the lead screw. However, the speed and distance of the drop height decreases dramatically if I only raise it to just below the X-motor.
  5. I'm interested in your UM. Is it the "plus" or did you add the heated bed yourself? Where are you located so I can get an estimate on shipping?
  6. eberle

    New Ultimaker

    It looks like the specs are the same on the UM2ext as on the UM2, unless I am wrong. If so, please let me know. If they are, I still plan on purchasing the UM2ext to augment my trustworthy UM Original, which still clobbers any Makerbot model, past to present. I've spoken to people from Stratasys and they universally revile the MB. Everytime I visit my regional Stratasy vendor, the MB they have in their showroom is always in the same place--shoved into the far corner with a layer of dust on top.
  7. eberle

    Sourcing the Hardware

    Thanks everyone...
  8. Never mind. I was just on his web site and found what I was looking for..
  9. Has anyone had achieved simialr success following "snowygrouch's" process for Dual Extrusion printing with PLA/PVA? Has this process been supplanted by other methods that have been posted since this?
  10. I ordered from "robotshop.com" and after a week they came in the mail from China. Unfortunately, the holes for the bolts were too small. I managed to find some tiny nuts and bolts, so the printer is working, but i'm going to order replacements from digikey so they're correct.
  11. Thanks for the welcome! I have an Ultimaker Original, and my first thought was to order the limit switches pack from the Ultimaker store, but the cost with shipping is over $30 US. If I could find a limit switch somewhere closer I'd be a happy man, since I could then put the savings on shipping towards buying more filament. Thanks for replying! Also, I am 99% positive this is the switch used in the Ultimaker 1.
  12. eberle

    Sourcing the Hardware

    Where do you plan to get your limit switches from?
  13. I need to replace a broken limit switch, but I am at a loss as to which one to purchase and from where. After spending almost all of yesterday scouring the internet, I believe this is the correct switch. Can anyone confirm if it is? http://www.robotshop.com/en/micro-switch-5a---250v.html If this is the correct switch, can anyone recommend a seller? Shipping from "Robot Shop" is over five times the cost of just one switch.

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