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  1. Thanks for the links. Very cool. Did you print with PLA or ABS?
  2. Looks like they do have them as they now have 8 in stock instead of 9. I'm guessing that shipping will be expensive, so that plus the markup, I'll probably just wait for Maker Shed to get some more in.
  3. Possibly, although there site does say it's in stock and will ship out in 24-48 hrs. I found this other site that has them as well. Again, possible they haven't updated the site, but according to it, there are 9 in stock. I'm just not crazy about the markup. http://www.dream3d.co.uk/product/ultimaker-2-desktop-3d-printer-2/
  4. Wondering if I should place my order with them now and just wait. I did find two other sites that have them in stock now. But they are asking a little bit more. Almost 2,000 euros, which is about $200ish more than Maker Shed. I'm tempted, but I can wait if Maker Shed is for sure getting some soon. Shipping will be much cheaper as I live in CA.
  5. That's interesting. It's hard to tell because of the color and sheen, but it looks like it lost a little detail. Still easier than sanding.
  6. Congrats! I'm so tempted to pull the trigger on this. That's pretty quick delivery too.
  7. Hey Skint, I do computer graphics for games. I want to print some of my work as I am also an avid statue collector. So adding my own work to my collection would be really cool. There are a couple of samples of my work in my gallery. For some reason it's not letting me upload more images right now. Not sure why.
  8. Wanted to start out by saying that I am still in the research phase of 3D printing. I've been wanting a 3d printer for some time, just haven't figured out what to get. I am a professional 3D artist by trade, and part of making the decision for me is final print quality. My initial thought was to get the Form 1 by Formlabs. Of all the 3d printers I've seen, it has the cleanest and highest quality prints with no touch up. Caveat is it's expensive and has limited sized prints. Then it came down to Ultimaker 2 and Replicator 2. I've seen enough and read enough to prefer the Ultimaker over the Repl
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