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  1. ok, thanks. Ill try these solutions. Ill keep you guys posted with the results.
  2. Im using Cura. The model has been checked in netfabb and Im pretty sure that it doesnt have any issues there. This happens once in a while, but never to the whole model. Only to specifik areas, like in this case with the A.
  3. In some prints there seems to be a problem with fill. When print is ready there is a hole on the top. As you can see in the pictures, the "A" is not filled. What could have caused this?
  4. Its an UM1. The settings that Ive found usually works for me with PLA has been 210C, but when this happened I tried changing to 230C, but it didnt work. It is possible that its the fan, but the problem area wasnt on the right or left side, but rather towards the back/middle of the model. I have a suspicion that it could have something to do with the nozzle, Ill get new ones tomorrow, so Ill try that. And also Ive heard that sewing machine oil in the filament tube could help.
  5. Ive tried changing temp but it didnt make any difference. And I tried changing flow but that didnt make it better either. I havent tried to rotate the object, but in other prints, with the same problem, it seems to end up at the same spot (almost like the filament gets pinched at a specific position).
  6. Ive had this problem a few times. Sometimes when printing the model look under extruded in odd places but looks good everywere else. In the pictures above the boat is underextruder on the left side but not in the right. The same thing happens inside of the model too, so its not only edge related. /Carl
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