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  1. Hello all, I'm currently building a SCARA Arm 3d printer and got some parts working. I'm using the Marlin firmware by qharley, edited byJCERNY to drive the arm. So far i got it to home to endstops and make it move. i'm having problems calibrating home positions though and i'm hoping you guys could help. It's a single Scara arm so it may be different than the usual morgan scara arm, and maybe that's what's giving me problems? the goal is a single arm, with a theta length of 162 mm, and the same for the psi length also 162 mm. I got the steps/revolution set right. Some other problems i'm having is that sometimes when i want the arm to move say 10mm, it just keeps rotating, this doesn't always happen though. My question here is can you guys help me get this to work since there's not alot of documentation about getting a scara arm to work with marlin. I made a github for this so if you can please commit changes. If anything is unclear or more information is neccesary please let me know. the github can be found here: https://github.com/Napalm1432/Marlin-for-Scara-arm/tree/master/Marlin-for-Scara-Arm-Development
  2. Hello, I have a problem with a bad heating error, no matter what i try to print it gives me this error, but when i use another sd card i don't get the error? anyone know what the issue might be here? Thanks in advance
  3. As for the extrusion multiplier, i know it sounds weird to put it on 2, but i actually got good results, not just the first layers but the rest too
  4. No it's set on a UMO but the settings apply to both, i tested these settings on both machines, only difference might be that it is actually set in UltiGcode and that you won't get a message of overriding system settings on the UM2
  5. I already sent you this link personally, but here is it for anyone else having the same issues, i made some screenshots with the right settings for the UM2, it seems that some standard settings aren't right at all, filament diameter for example was set at 3mm instead 2.85 so the following screenshots should help: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ogt7h6gdqsprzt9/AABA58TG_oslHlTjqXijV0Oia?dl=0
  6. Hello, I'm having an issue with my heated bed, none of the thermistor settings seem to work right, except for one, only the temperature reading is about 20C to low, is there a way to fix this? I can't find the specifications of my heated bed, but i measured the resistance and got about 100Ohms. Hope anyone can help with this. The only thing i do know of the heated bed is that it is a silicone rubber heated bed of 300x300mm 24V I just can't find the resistor value.. EDIT: Actually found a way around, changed some settings in thermistortables.h and now it's displaying the correct temperature
  7. Hello, I'm trying to build my own printer using a RAMbo board, everything works fine, but i want to do a ultimaker 2 style homing, meaning i want to use the lower endstop for the bed to home, and when the print starts letting the buildplate go up, i got the direction of the motor right, and it responds to the endstop on the bottom, but how do I get it to go up when the print starts? I hope anyone can help me with this. if there really is no other solution i'll have to put the endstop on the top (which i really don't want). Thanks in advance!
  8. Ik heb het volgende probleem bij mijn prints, maakt niet uit welk model ik gebruik, als voorbeeld heb ik de robot geprint, het probleem wat ik heb is dat details in het model niet goed meegeprint worden, maar de rest van het model komt er wel weer goed uit, ter voorbeeld, de strepen op de buik van de robot zijn normaal goed zichtbaar, in mijn print verdwijnen deze compleet. Ik heb alles op de printer al nagekeken, het enige wat ik nog niet geprobeert heb is de motors vervangen. Aan de gcode kan het niet liggen aangezien ik het autoprint bestand van de robot heb gebruikt die ik op meerdere printers heb gedraaid. Iemand enig idee waar dit aan kan liggen? Bijgevoegd een foto van de robot die ik heb geprint (let niet op de losse bovenkant, dit heb ik handmatig gedaan zonder goede reden)
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