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  1. Hello, I am having trouble printing several parts of a multicopter I have design. I have warping at the edges of some (all printed at the same time) of the arms. Some have some warping at the edges, I have printed other things without this problem. I use the defaul normal printer setting from dura, I have an ultimaker 2. I havent try anything else as I am new to the community. Should I change some settings, If I have to please tell how, this is a complete new world for me!! thank you alfonso
  2. I notice on my Ultimaker 2 that during printing, the stepper motors for x and y axis get really hot, to the point you cant keep your finger there for more than 10 seconds without burning. Is that normal? Is there any mod to cool them with fans? Thank you for your help! Alfonso
  3. Hola Francisco, Yo acabo de recibir la mia y estoy utilizando el Inofil de Igo3d por que es donde la compre. A mi me parece que es mucho mejor filamento que el que viene de prueba con la ultimaker 2. Por cierto, que nos pasa a los valencianos que nos ponemos de miniatura una calavera? Saludos y a seguir disfrutando de las Fallas!!
  4. Aqui teneis a otro miembro de la familia!! Recibi la ultimaker 2 ayer y la tengo imprimiendo sin parar desde ayer tarde! Tiene una pinta estupenda y parece que no va nada mal, saludos a todos Alfonso
  5. Received mine from Igo3D yesterday, printing unstop since then!! Ordered 2/January/2014 Thank you all for your help! Now I have to study a lot about 3d design...
  6. I have received the dhl notificación of delivery, will be here next week. I ordered 2 of january, from igo3d, so you can have an idea.
  7. Hello ameba!! Yes, it is a long wait but hope it worth it, my childreen keep asking me when will it arrive, they are more anxious than me! Thats why I asked here, I hope it will arrive before Fallas, because here in Valencia, fallas stop everything! Nice to see more Spanish Ultimaker lovers!
  8. Hello and thank you for your help! I am from Spain and bought an ultimaker 2 on 2 / january / 2014 at igo3d. I wonder if you will sent the ultimaker 2 directly to me and when is the estimated time of delivery. Thank you very much for your help. Alfonso Borja Morant
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