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  1. Hi folks, my apologies for the lack of replies but I have been in hospital for a number of weeks due to a pretty serious motorcycle crash before Christmas. The printer has indeed sold now so if the mods can either close or remove this thread I would appreciate it. Once again I can only apologise to ChrisR and the like for not being in a position to respond sooner Many thanks Chris
  2. I have for sale my Ultimaker 2 printer that I have owned from new for just over 6 months. In that time it has run for just under 200 hours. The printer comes with all original equipment as well as an uprated spool holder and filament pulleys on the back. I will also include a 4GB SD card. Also included in the sale is the following material Colorfabb PLA in RED (well used) Colorfabb PLA in SILVER Colorfabb XT (clear) Ultimaker PLA in soft blue (well used) The printer runs and operates fine and has been well serviced during its life. I am selling because I have the opportunity to p
  3. Fun Update time. So After playing around with the settings I tried another print. Slightly different issue this time where the head move from one side of the part to the other whilst still extruding.... You can also see in the first few layers of the print (after the brim) the head has crossed the part again but as it was close to the bed treated it as a normal path... The settings this time were... Temperature: 230c Print Speed: 25mm/s Layer height: 0.1mm Shell Thickness 1.6 Bed Temp 60c I hope this additional info may help in diagnosing the problem as that is 3 prints in a row tha
  4. Hi GR5, The axis rod fix was simple enough. It seems as though the grub screw despite being tight wasn't tight enough and the pulley along with the spacer move inboard which allowed the slop. I did run another print after fixing an unrelated buildplate temp issue (loose wire due to poor quality clamp at the control board end) but the issue cropped again. I have since cleaned out the material feeder in an attempt to eliminate that as an issue Print settings are as follows... Temperature: 210c Print Speed: 50mm/s Layer height: 0.1mm Please note I am still very much getting to grips wi
  5. Just discovered that the rear axis rod moves left to right about 10mm when moving the head by hand so will adjust and update in case anybody has a similar issue and finds this thread in the future
  6. Thanks for the comment 3dmaker. There is an occasional click and I notice that when feeding the material it is quite badly imprinted with the knurl pattern from the feeder. I will try with adjusting the feeder motor first. What is frustrating is that it has seemed to get progressively worse and can crop up at a moments notice. Most annoying 85% of the way through a 6 hour print of a pistol grip which continued to print perfectly after the skipped layers before doing it again just before the end...
  7. I have been having a sporadic problem with occasional prints where it seems to lower the bed too much (I have seen the bed drop and then the print has to play catch up on the next layer resulting in the poor layer. I have checked the files both in Cura and Mesh lab, including checking the x-ray views and layer views and nothing seems to be amiss (I also have all boxes in Fix horrible turned off) but the problem still crops up from time to time. The string of material between parts also suggests that the PLA isnt retracting fully on that layer. It tends to happen more when printing a singular
  8. Also the issue seems to have resolved itself now. I re-downloaded the test files and ran those. It seems as though the files got corrupted somewhere along the line but I would like to thank you for the help.
  9. Thanks pm_dude. These were the settings after the factory reset so I have modified the temperature settings manually to 210c Nozzle temp and 60c bed temp as per your advice.
  10. Hi Robert, it is indeed the standard blue PLA. The reason for trying to run it at 110c is because I am trying to run with all settings at preset to establish what a base setting print looks like before playing around with the settings. (Standard setting for the PLA is showing as 110c) I am very new to 3d printing and figuring a lot of things out in a short time so if you have any advice on appropriate printing temperatures I would happily listen. I have tried various different cards now and retried another test print with markings on the rails and pulleys to make sure they aren't moving. The
  11. Ok, so after checking the grubs screws on all the pulleys and motors and connecting the printer up to my computer to reinstall the factory firmware (have only ever run factory firmware on this printer) I did a quick test peice again. This time around it seemed to get further through the print and I was hopeful that the issue was resolved. Unfortunately the same issue crept up again and the printer has done the same as before... So far I have tried the following Checked grub screws on drive pulleys and motors Performed factory reset Reinstalled factory firmware Performed test print wi
  12. There is a strong liklihood that I will be visiting the show but I am not sure which days would be best yet. Legacy FX are there from what I recall and I would very much to see what they have to showcase and have a chat with the guys there
  13. Hi Robert, thanks for the advice but I have been through all of the grub screws and they are all nice and tight. I have just reinstalled the firmware over from Cura and will run another minicaltest print to see what the verdict is. In an unrelated incident I have also noticed that if I set the bed temperature to 110c, it will take approximately 30 minutes to get to that temperature usually hovering around 96c for a long while. Some times the temperature wont climb past 96 and I have to settle for printing at that temperature. I have researched on this forum into bed heating problems and have
  14. Hi there. I recently bought the Ultimaker 2 to assist in prop making and look forward to seeing how it can improve the quality of work I am able to do. I have been lurking on the forum for quite some time (including doing research into whether the Ultimaker 2 or the Makerbot were the better ones to go for) and ultimately ended up going for the Ultimaker in part because of the community here Rest assured as a new guy to 3d printing there will be a fair share of questions coming from my camp Speak to you soon Chris
  15. I have been using the ultimaker 2 for a while now with no real issues outside of the usual tweaking but today it has developed a persistent issue whereby it will start the print file as normal and part way through will suddenly "fit" and start printing random nonsense. Here is an image I took after trying to printer the minicaltest file. You can see it started to print ok and within the boundaries before going haywire. I have tried multiple SD cards and saves to make sure the print data wasnt corrupting between the computer and the printer to no avail. Can anybody advise please? Many than
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