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  1. what an idiot i am! how did i miss that?? sorry guys and thankyou
  2. here you go, the expert settings screens are identical bar the 15.01 has some extra options on brim etc
  3. hi, I loaded the same profile and model on both version 15.01 and 14.07. The estimated print time on 14.07 is 3hrs 10 mins and on 15.01 its 6 hrs 8 mins !!! I have checked the expert settings also and they are also the same. Any ideas whats causing this??
  4. hey im glad someone else has this problem. first raft layer looks normal, the second is as you say at 45 degrees with no spacing and impossible to remove from the bottom of a print,
  5. looks like an stl file problem but if you change your extruder diam (just as a test,input a smaller one... change it back later) does it then display the missing layers when sliced?
  6. Well thank you guys, the problem was with my retraction as Illuminarti said, seems the retraction was skipping and then extruding a retracted amount plus the backlog from the skipped layer.Printing sweet as a nut right now. just printing a new fan head i designed at.24 layer height so we will see how it manages that, but I have printed a couple of test heads and hands and Im certainly getting the same quality Kisslicer was giving ...very happy :-P BTW i was originally retracting 4mm at 21mm/s had to bring this down to 2mm at 16mm/s ...shocking
  7. hi thanks for the warm welcome and prompt responses I have read those links and thank you however.I have missed out some important info in my first post. im using a rostock printer with bowden tube and an airtripper extruder , a 0.35 nozzle 1.75mm ABS. the other thing is that the filament is not under extruding , quite the opposite and over extruding. It is random , i can run the same print twice and it happens in different areas. I have always used kisslicer but prefer Cura and would like to get it working correctly. im retracting 4mm at 21mm/s any faster grinds my extruder and seems to have a negative effect. oh by the way the problem is much more pronounced when using support. I can print a vase with spiral flawlessly
  8. Hi guys, new to this forum and new to Cura. previously been using Kisslicer but moved onto Cura as it seems well develped and supported. Im currently trying to tweek my printer . its printing ok with some good retraction then all of a sudden it will over extrude on one layer (randomly) it does this on both the support and the body of the object being printed. oddly it leaves a band on the object a layer thick, further inspection reveals it extends out of both the internal and external side of the print, when it does this my extruder makes a louder sound and then it will carry on prinitng nicely for a while anyway until the next random "fat layer" kicks in. Any ideas whats causing this?
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