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  1. Hello madian, Did you receive any update from any of the support members? I am still waiting on an improvement or a response from but the clients seem to be ignored. I have been trying to buy a printer from them for two weeks now. However good their products may be they have support problems that might reflect badly upon their services but i still have hopes .
  2. Hello Marrit, I sent you a pm with my order number. Do you know of any updates? Thank you.
  3. I did and it appears as "payment". Under the FAQ column they say that it means my payment hasn't gone through. So i submitted the order again and this time the Adyen site said that the payment had already been processed. So now I don't know if a have charged once or twice, nor if the order has been placed, or received by ultimaker website. I have no clue to what to do next.
  4. i tried calling the phone number that was put available on the website but for some reason my call doesn't get through no tone no answer no nothing. I have a print screen telling me that the payment has been processed from the adyen website. I don't want to to offend anyone but if the webshop is unreliable what does this tell me about the firm. Also if the webshop isn't reliable why don't they take it down. If i as a client can make the time to call banks to see if i have been charged both times that i submitted the order don't you think they as a serious player in 3d printing business should make time so that everything goes smooth for their clients?
  5. So i've been trying to place an order for a UM2 for a week now from Netherlands me being from Romania and i still haven't been able to. I've got tired of posting tickets that aren't being responded to. My problem is that after completing my credit card details the adyen site send me back to my account cart which is still full and under my account the order state is "payment" as if i haven't completed it although i did it twice and i have screenshots with confirmation from the adyen website that the payment has been processed. I haven't received any confirmation or at least a pendind status mail from neither the adyen website or Ultimaker. I would like to know if I am the only one being ignored or if there is a problem in the ordering process.
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