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  1. Hi Jason. As Martin says I see you have both your kits in stock, the original Heated bed and the glass upgrade but there is no premium package (combining them) available. Do you plan to offer them as a single item anymore or do I have to order both separately?
  2. They are sending out batches every week. You will probably wait less than most ppl here and get your package soon enough (I ordered the UM1 in the beginning of March and it should be shipped this week)
  3. Good news for you I'm still between steps 15 and 16, waiting for some more input from Sander, but it's only been ~8 weeks so I'm on track lol...
  4. Hi Sander, Help Nateokane, I think I solved my problem. I had a long list of PM's with Marrit and I payed directly from my bank without using the site. It's clearly a problem with the payment options for several ip/locations. If your IT department desires I can provide pictures/logs of the failures. P.S. Since i know how helpful you are, could you please check if you received my money? The proforma is 14.002.270 / 03-03-2014. Thank you
  5. Hi Sander, the problem we had (as the OP included a link to my failed attempts) is that the site doesn't even open another window to introduce your paypal credentials. When you select the paypal option it just sends you back to the shopping cart with no explanation/message. I know of 11 cases now but most were in Romania.
  6. Hi Radu, Yes, I solved the payment part, Marrit has been very helpful. Basically, you can't pay from Romania using either credit card or paypal (don;t know why, but I know of many countrymen that are unable to complete the payment - Ultimaker IT department should have a look). Marrit helped by issuing a proforma that I payed directly at the bank without using the Ultimaker website. The downside is that you pay a 25 Euro SWIFT transfer fee which is high in my opinion, maybe Ultimaker will accept bitcoins in the future. Money has been sent and I'm waiting to see if the transaction was successfu
  7. Hi Marrit and thank you for helping me. I retried this morning and it is still the same. When I reach the payment stage and choose either paypal or credit card I get returned to eh shopping cart screen. With paypal it happens after I select the paypal option in adyen and with the credit card it lets me introduce my card data and then it returns me. What's interesting is that it returns me to "https://www.ultimaker.com/orders/R870201002/edit" suggesting there is another step to complete but there is no message and the page is blank. This happens on 3 computers using 2 browsers without addbloc
  8. Hi guys, I'm trying to buy an Ultimaker Original while the promotion still stands and I am unable to complete the payment. If I chose the credit card option and I introduce my data (all verified and with plenty of funds available) I just get returned to the shopping cart screen with no message. If I retry it says that the payment has already been processed. If I chose paypal, when I click on the paypal option the same behaviour happens and I am returned to the (full) shopping cart screen without the site opening any paypal window for me to introduce my credentials. I contacted support (phon
  9. Same thing, same country. Trying HARD to buy an ultimaker original and the webpage returned me to the shopping cart after introducing my credit card data (all correct, funds available) with no message/explanation. Retried, message says payment already processed. Called support -Radu, the number is 0031345712001, just talked to someone, works from Romania- support answer is "call your credit company, we received nothing". Created a second account and different shopping cart items and ticked the Paypal option this time. After clicking PayPal, the site returned me to the shopping cart again, no
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