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  1. Fix your model or just use 4.3.0 ? 🙂
  2. The graph is of the M106 (Fan speed) values versus G0 (Z) values taken directly from the GCode. The "bounce" is actually in the code.
  3. Hi Torgeir I agree, but it's hard coded into the Gcode.
  4. I made a little utility which plots the fan speed versus layers from a GCode file. With the model in the picture (Bridge.png) Cura "bounces" the fan speed after the bridge completes (a bit like you might see in an underdamped system). Y axis = fan speed (%) X axis = Layer number Yellow trace = fan speed % Blue trace = averaged fan speed It doesn't appear to affect print quality but probably it shouldn't be there. Or if it should, why? (Printer UM2 with Olsson block, WIN 10) .STL attached Slice_Test_46.gcode
  5. Could be this setting - "UM3_Network_Printing" look in Cura Marketplace \ installed tab. Uncheck the entry and see if that stops it?
  6. Not a script, but I've written a stand alone .exe that reads the Gcode and saves it out as a text file.
  7. Oops, so it is. My error, apologies 🙂
  8. Daft huh? Just adds unnecessary "bloat" on start up imho. I wonder whether Burtoogle might consider adding those profiles to his very useful start-optimiser?
  9. Ditto on both 4.5 and 4.6.1 Just as an aside - seeing as I have no need to ever print with Ultimaker ABS it would be quite useful to get rid of this entry as well as quite a few other material profiles that aren't used? Any way of doing that?
  10. Ah! I was looking in local rather than roaming. Thank you 🙂
  11. Excited to hear you ordered it Raymond. I hope it's as good as it sounds! Please do keep us updated with what you think of it?
  12. Thanks Burtoogle. I'm on Win10. I've looked in appdata/local/...../cura but didn't find anything apart from cache files. To check it wasn't one of those I changed and saved my curaprofile (from within Cura) and none of the cache files timestamps changed. Hmmm... wonder if it's a registry setting...
  13. Hi all, Can anyone tell me where CURA 4.xx recalls its startup settings from? I'm looking in particular from where it determines which profile to load on startup. I've looked in the usual places - the install Directory and as well in appdata/local/....../Cura but couldn't find anything resembling a .cfg or .ini file & have drawn a blank. Anyone?
  14. Interesting find Raymond. I'm also keen to hear any users opinions.
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