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  1. Thanks Cuq 🙂 Exciting times ahead. I just hope CNC Kitchen will rightfully benefit from and as well, get the recognition he deserves from this somewhat feature rich new idea.
  2. You are? Good. Then we can look forward to some exciting developments 🙂
  3. Contact this chap. He's onto something very interesting 🙂
  4. K. I found this: https://www.makers-hut.com/product/um2-ultimaker-2-aluminum-machined-slider-sliding-block-and-graphite-bushings/ Has anyone any experience of using these carbon lubricated bushings? My gut feeling is:- I like the concept of them but I'm not sure how well they're fabricated and whether the concept is at all effectve.. ?? Ideally I'd just like a set of the genuine UM2 replacements. Ultimaker used to carry spare parts but I can't find them on the website. Does Ultimaker no longer carry spares? Can anyone from Ultimaker give me a contact so I can order up the genuine parts? (Failing that I'll get the parts from the link you kindly supplied Enigma_M4)
  5. Looking to replace the four X/Y phosphor bronze slider bushes. Anyone have a link to these genuine parts? I have looked through the website and drew a blank. The spare parts I did find - are only those listed for the most current models. Ultimaker? Cheers, Chris
  6. Yep! 🙂 Thanks for your reply and Marlin explanation. I guess that makes it trickier to incorporate into Cura. Hmmm... shame as having that in Cura would be ideal, not just for us UM2 "oldies" but generally as well to benefit other makes of printers possibly? 😉 I did start earlier today looking at "how to write your own plugin" thanks for the hint to the examples and in particular "post proessing plugins" I'll see how I go with it. In another post about fan speed I found "M106 S255 P0" - from what I understand, this in Gcode means "Fan 0 100%" so I think I now have my first step of what to look for and what it should be briefly modified to for a "kick" start. From what you say, I'm guessing the sequence for this "post processor" then needs to be something like - 1. Read in all the gcode 2. Search for M106. 3. Read and store that entire line 4. Replace that line with "M106 S255 P0" 5. Count 15 or so lines further on (as per your suggestion) 6. Insert stored line in there 7. Write out the amended gcode to a new file. I think the programming language is "python like" or actually Python. Not something I have a lot of knowledge of. So it's going to be a bit up hill. But I'm up for giving it a go! Downloaded https://github.com/nallath/PostProcessingPlugin
  7. Hi, I'm printing a lot with low fan speed settings. (15%-20%) At these speeds the fans won't automatically start without been given a "nudge" Is there an easy way, say through a plugin(?) to add a 100% kick briefly to the fan to get it started and then once started revert back to 15%? If not, could I suggest this be added to Cura as a tick box? (Cura 4.1 & Ultimaker 2+ with custom fan shroud)
  8. Thanks. Already un-ticked that box, but still they come?
  9. How do I remove myself from the unsubscribed to weekly Ultimaker news emailings? Thanks. :-)
  10. Please delete my account. As I've lost all faith in security, this website etc.,
  11. As an active forum member I've now lost all faith in this shiny glossy rubbish that @SanderVG seems bent on pushing forth. I now want my account deleted. In the settings page there is no obvious way to do this. ? I feel very sorry as I feel UM have really lost their way. A brilliant concept all open scource, community atmosphere etc., something wonderful in an increasingly competitive world (with arguably better printers in the offing) but they've (imho) missed out on that one aspect which so set them apart from their competitors. Which was the forums. Like minded folk joining together to create a better product. Where is that now? Way to go UM. You mucked up big time with this move.
  12. Ok, I'm feeling I want out of here entirely @SanderVG PM me to let me know how to delete my account please? Mods?
  13. @SanderVG Now your very broken new website has one of my email addresses as my user name. Seriously? As a user and an active member with two of your UM2's I feel a complete lack of confidence in where you're going. Shape up! :-(
  14. @SanderVG Fix the main search engine so it works and returns meaningful results. (Hint - think Google) That's the main one at the top of the opening page which works worse than the little magnifier at the top right. Why? And why have both? Re-instate the friends list so that research & private correspondances from the previous forums are re-instated & intact. They make the forum more of a place to interact with. Get rid of all the pointless white space in this @#*% design. It takes up screen real estate and makes for difficult reading. Points and badges? Are we in Kindergarten? No further comment as I suspect that's your 'baby' :-) Create a "New posts" feature on the front page - which is useful for any users to see what's changed and makes it then easy to sift through current threads. If it already exists, I'm damned if I can find it which should tell you to make it more obvious? I feel this isn't a forum anymore it's just a sort of glossy UM showcase extension? I'll expect the usual reply from you with nothing really being done change wise while "you're listening" but going ahead anyway and putting your own stamp on things (as we'd say in London) "a load of bunny" Why not surprise me? :-)
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