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  1. Congrats on making a easy to assemble "homemade" 3D printer kit a reality for many of us, and improving on it with the version 2. What I would like to see : Adding new features to Cura : - Ability to continue a failed print. (I know this can be done manually, but to be able automatically inspect the gcode, and restart where left off would be huge). - More setting to printing speed/quality. Ability to select lower speeds and smaller layer size for outer walls, independently would be a great plus. The printer : - A detection when the print fails. Head stops moving, or the piece comes off the base and printer starts going all spaghetti. Would be nice to know that nothing serious can happen during an over-night print, and if something does go wrong, the printer will stop and move the head to a safe location. In addition : - I am sure you have run in the past and will run in the future to some problems while using the Ultimaker or just testing features. Would be nice to have a video tutorial on how to solve a particular problem, as someone might run into it later on. When something goes wrong, just film while fixing it, and maybe something can come of it, and help us. And if not it can either make a nice Vlog, or just never get out if not interesting or useful. Anyhow keep going forward.
  2. @foehsturm I would also like a set of pulleys. Please let me know when the new set might be available, and the details. I just love the all these options to make the printer better. Well until the Ultimaker goes all skynet, and starts to auto-upgrade itself.
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