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  1. Congrats on making a easy to assemble "homemade" 3D printer kit a reality for many of us, and improving on it with the version 2. What I would like to see : Adding new features to Cura : - Ability to continue a failed print. (I know this can be done manually, but to be able automatically inspect the gcode, and restart where left off would be huge). - More setting to printing speed/quality. Ability to select lower speeds and smaller layer size for outer walls, independently would be a great plus. The printer : - A detection when the print fails. Head stops moving, or the piece comes
  2. @foehsturm I would also like a set of pulleys. Please let me know when the new set might be available, and the details. I just love the all these options to make the printer better. Well until the Ultimaker goes all skynet, and starts to auto-upgrade itself.
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