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  1. I've tried printing at 0.06mm, 0.08mm, and 0.1mm layer heights and I've set the speed at 50mm/sec.
  2. Thanks! The bowden tube is clean and so is the extruder wheel. It is easy to manually extrude (like normal). There is no idication of grinding on the filament.
  3. I have the printer extruding now but I'm getting really bad prints. The first couple of layers no PLA is extruded and then when it does start to extrude, there are small holes in the latices of each layer when set to 100% fill (which I need to print water-tight chambers). I've tried adjusting the z stepper and balancing the print bed but I just end up with the same problem. Can anyone suggest anything???
  4. Thank you. I've tried that and it's stopped the bowden tube jumping now but no plastic is being extruded when set to print????
  5. Hi! I'm having a problem with my Ultimaker Original, which has been working fine for 2+ years until now. Whenever I try to print I end up with either no extrusion or varied extrusion of PLA (i.e. extrudes well in some places, extrudes very little in other places, or no extrusion at all), even though I've check that the print bed is level. I've noticed that the Bowden tube is also jumping and separating from the hot end isolator coupler. I've an extrusion clip on both the hot end and the motor end of the Bowden tube which have worked well up until now. There are some 'bite' marks on the Bowde
  6. Yes I've checked that the heating block is connected to the UM board. It was fine.
  7. I've had no problems with my Ultimaker Original until now. When I go to print, the temperature remains at 23C (in Cura). I don't think it's a problem with the temperature gauge as when I try to touch the heating block (to test if it is hot) it is stone cold. Any ideas, anyone? Thanks
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