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  1. Hi CCW1984 I was using (and still am) using the default retraction parameter. (My minimum travel is 1.5 and minimal extrusion before retracting 0.02 I think those are the default setting ) Since the new feeder and the cleaning of the nozzle I haven't had experienced any issue yet, I'm hoping this fixed the issue. Here my 3 latests prints, pretty much 25h/each printed one after another, no issue
  2. Update, Once again I had help from the very generous pm_dude. He installed me a new feeder to help my grinding issue. He also checked my teflon piece wich was fine and not burned, deformed etc. He also blow torch my nozzle. The nozzle long screw (or whatever that is) cannot be completly removed tho (pm_dude had the same issue on his) Will need to get it replaced at a later date. So far the machine did a full print without grinding. I'm hoping this has fixed the issue.
  3. I don't really know how to know if my print required a lof of ''retraction'' I was printing very simple stuff recently. something that look like a flower pot. So basically just a cylindrical shape. My minimum travel is 1.5 and minimal extrusion before retracting 0.02 I think those are the default setting Once again I'm very not a very ''handy'' and manual person and I'm really not comfortable about having to do so many maintenance and stuff like taking the head and nozzle apart all the time. :( I'm currently wondering If I should sell the machine to somebody that could get a use of it bette
  4. Chrisp, You mean that no filament came out at all anymore? when you heated and move the filament? because if this is the case its still working fine on my side most of the time. when I move filament I still get a nice string of filament (until it grinds)
  5. 1) my appartement is really not too hot in any way (it's usually around 20C inside and the printer isn't close to any heating source.) I had grinding issue when using a colorfabb filament so I just changed back to a filament I got directly from the ultimaker store (those are the one I used at the beginning when I had no grinding issue) and still It just chewed my filament right away! 2) I was close enough of the end of a spool when that happened so I just changed for a bring new one the other day and still had that issue couple of layers in. The spool is pretty much full! 3) About the firm
  6. Hey guys! I'm back with more question, I use to have literally no issue with my printer, and then slowly started getting grinded filament once in a while, then the fan issue (loose connection), got myself a new fan, pm_dude was nice enough to install it for me. Nozzle was now clogged, unclogged it twice. And since then all of my print fail because of grinding issue. Any idea why I am having so many grinded filament issue? Some people suggested me to print a new feeder (https://www.youmagine.com/designs/alternative-um2-feeder-version-two#!design-information) but I'm not even sure I'll be
  7. Big thanks to pm_dude that was generous enough to come over and fix my fan. YOU ARE AWESOME!
  8. Hi guys! I need some help again, sorry! I finally receive my replacement fan. I just wanted to confirm that this one is indeed the same one used at the back (not one of the two fan on the side) The side one looks quite easy to change since they are so accessible. The back one not so much, is there a place where I could find some kind of step by step ?
  9. @PM_dude Oh wow thanks! I didn't know voxel Factory did that kind of stuff and thanks for the link to this electronic boutique! I'm just trying to stay as far away as possible from needing to solder anything, this is really not my area of expertise haha! Thanks for offering your help also, it is very appreciated. I think Ultimaker will just send me news fans so in that case (I THINK!) I should be able to install those, will have to see how that goes
  10. Thanks for all the response guy! I don't know anything about soldering and I'm not very crafty so putting glue on my connector seems a bit on the tricky side. I contacted customer support and I believe they will replace the fans for me.
  11. Haha I wish life was that simple, we are both not very good at that kind of stuff (but we are good at other stuff I promise!) Plus I barely let him touch anything 3d printer related, this is MY baby, too scared he will break something (not that I trust myself more)
  12. Oh wow, that looks way too complicated for me. Those wires are so tiny. I feel like I would just break something else. Is there a way to just replace that whole ''broken'' part ? Like the white plastic part and the wire-connector all at once? You are explaining something that probably works but I have no knowledge of that kind of stuff and the risk is, i'll just break something else trying to fix it lol. My dad is an electrician, unfortunatly he is out of town and he's not really doing that kind of stuff but i'll ask anyway
  13. I'm having a lot of issue with that myself. I use to spend half an hour every print with a little razor blade. I would slide it on all of the corner and then hit it with another object until i got under enough and it would pop off, but it is really hard. Recently I tried the freezer thing, silly tho, it works about 50% of the time. After an 1 in the freezer 50% of the time I can just pop it of by barely touching it, other time, I still have to fwist it a bit with my hands and it pop off nicely. Other time i got to spend 30 min with that razor blade again, it is actually really hard to remo
  14. So I finally managed to get the filament out, took about 1h, had to slowly ''hammer'' in another piece of filament on one side, pushing the other side out and then my boyfriend got it out with pliers. The issue is that the part stuck inside was obviously very deformed (probably the reason for the grinding?) It was way larger than the rest of the filament so it was really hard to move it in the bowden tube. Tho the fan is still an issue, I really tried to put the wire back in his connector but the connection is still causing issue, the fan is going on and off all the time. I have no clue how
  15. I did :( so far wasn't able to do anything! it ain't moving!
  16. I did take out both side of the bowden tube, unfortunatly its too short on both side :/
  17. Hey again...! SO many questions recently but I'm pretty much freaking out now. Sometimes I was noticing that my back fan seemed to be having connection problem. It didn't seem to be happening quite a lot so I was ignoring the issue recently (plus I was scared of moving away that black mesh and breaking something since I'm not really good at that stuff) But today I had yet, another grinded filament issue so I went to take a look at it. Just when I removed the mesh from the connector the connection was so loose it came out completly! I can still kind of put it back in place and the fans wi
  18. Nevermind this, I tried heating up the nozzle a bit hotter this time (215) and it came up without too much pulling. Thanks illuminarti, stay awesome!!!
  19. I'm really bad with all those terms, ptfe couple and stuf... isolator nut... All I know, I did heat up the nozzle, I remove the bowden tube at the top and tried to pull the filament out. I could see the white part inside (coupler) moving up I think when I was pulling, I was worried I might break something so I stopped there. Is that suppose to move? Do I have to pull really hard?
  20. Helloo guys! Just a small question, It's the second time I have a grinding issue The first time I was able to easily fix it by removing the bowden tube, cutting the filament at both extremities and removing it. This time I cut the filament once again after removing the bowden tube. My current issue is, The filament seems to be stock in the printing head. I tried heating the nozzle and pulling on the filament but I'm worried I might cause damage or something.. What am I suppose to do?
  21. Sorry for the delay in my response, i've been super busy! Yellowshark, I was printing at 30mm/sec, 190C, 60microns, fan 100% I was printing one only and all in one piece gr5, thanks for the tip to make the print stick better. I always used the glue but never smear it out or anything, I just basically applied a thin layer straight up with the tupe. I think the fan are always a 100% by default right? when I click on ''tune'' on my printer it always says 100% but do I have to manually ajust it somewhere else? I was printing a 190C I'm not sure If I can go any lower? In my last two prints I
  22. Hi guys! I've been getting some weird issue on my latest prints! I printed 3 heartstone key before without any issue >> I had to print couple of them for a tournement, unfortunatly I also start to print them a little late aaaand... I started getting trouble with the print. I had 3 prints in a row fail on me I dont have the picture of them all but the first one unstick to the print bed, I redid my calibration and it seems like it was better. My second and third print both failed for the same reason, It seems like something happens (not too sure why) wich makes that at some point
  23. I don't know if there is any The last of us fan over here, To follow up with the release of the Remastered version of the game for ps4, I decided to re-release my fan art of it with a little twist, Inspired by the epilogue that was shown on the One night live event (not on the stream :( )
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