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  1. Perfect Thanks for that illuminarti, much appreciated.
  2. I have had a look through the forum and can't find an answer to this, but apologies if I've missed it! Since I got my UM2 I've been using Cura on the quick print profile and normal quality and have had great results. I'm now starting to print some bigger parts and would like to try and speed them up a bit. What I'd like to do is to switch to using full setting but start off with all the values from the quick print normal quality and then modify from there. Are these available somewhere? I was planning on reducing the fill density a bit and increasing the speed slightly.
  3. Thanks for the friendly welcome guys!
  4. I also sent them a message this morning, no reply yet... Does anyone stock the Ultimaker PLA in the UK? I've been very pleased with what came with the printer and would be happy to keep using it.
  5. Has anyone used 3mm pla from 3dfilaprint with there Ultimaker? I'm trying to find a reliable and consistent source in the UK and came across there website. I have seen other threads where users are highly complimentary of faberdashery filament, however I'm not keen on having to wind it onto a spool myself in case it ends up tangled and jams the printer.
  6. Received my UM2 about 3 weeks ago now and have been really impressed how good it is straight out the box. Great job Ultimaker!
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