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  1. Hi Sander, As far as I can see all the other panels seem fine. It is only the front panel and the parts for the extruder which are on the same panel. I have finished the build platform and the hot end and the slider blocks without problems. Kind of stuck now, I don't want to install the electronics given the fact that I have to replace the front panel. The UltiController is also assembled. I noticed while constructing the hot end that getting the brass pipe into the peek was easy but it looks like that the peek has some hair crack. I don't think it is broken through and I could tighten it. I
  2. A new frontpanel will be send. I have to say that was quickly taken care of. The bad news is that I have to wait again. I have done the print head and the bed by now but I can't install the axis due to the front panel.
  3. Hi Sander, I created a ticket #IPY-693-76868 with 2 photos. What do you think? Would gluing them in be enough or would I get misalignment? I don't know how often this happens and what the consequence is. Regards, Eric
  4. Machine arrived today, builing has started, i see that the frontpanel moved during cuting. The bearings fall through, hope I can glue them in later.It is clear something moved since not all holes are round and the marking 1D has a echo. I guess if the bearings are glued in it is hopefully no issue.
  5. Finally there it is, I got the shipment notification. Thanks ultimaker.
  6. After being able to talk on the phone again they told me that it will ship Friday. Lets hope that it will happen this time....
  7. I ordered my UM original at feb 13th. At that time it said that delivery would be in March. Tomorrow we will hit May!!! I called the company already a couple of times. In 2 cases they note my number since the person in-charge is not there and don't call back at all. Beginning last week I had someone on the phone and told me that delivery will be expected at the end of the week and that my order is at the top of the list. I know there was a delivery last Friday but I guess not to me. Then I called last Monday, they tell me your order will be shipped on Tuesday. Maybe there was a shipment but I
  8. Hi Daid, Well change of plan today I can test: You are my hero. Yep that solved the issue. I can now use the layers function again. Wow Python is tab sensitive. I am a C++ programmer I would have never guessed that. I hope you keep this change in the code for the next release of Cura. Since I patched my version I use that for the time being. Nice that you had this backward compatibility already in the code. If you need someone to test on 'old' computers I can do that since I have the right hardware. Just mail me. Mnis: You can also apply this patch just add one extra tab to the 2 lines of
  9. Hi Daid, I will test it out on Wednesday evening. Is it a matter of changing the .py file in the current cura installation? If that is the case it will be simple. Or do I need to compile something after I have changed the openglHelpers.py in order to get the change in? Regards, Eric
  10. Thanks James, that is a nice way of explaining. I will try the interference fit so I can use little glue. Eric,
  11. Hi Daid, Sorry for the late reply I was at the ulti evening.. It seems like that the detection of old hardware does not work. The error I got with linux was the buffer pointer which is used in the new case. Question what has changed between 14.01 and 14.03? I can offer to help since I seem to have the hardware that you don't have. Eric
  12. I tried the latest driver update from intel. So I have the latest and greatest running but it does not improve the problem... Too bad that didn't work. Actually the driver is quite old (2008 for windows xp I had a version from 2007).
  13. Thanks IRoberl I will try the first design with 0.1mm spacing. Guess my feeling was about right.I might try a little overhang of 0.2mm to have some extra surface and room for error.
  14. I have been looking into cpu gpu specs and unfortunatly Cura does not state its recommended graphics requirements apart from 2Gb Ram and Pentium 4 or Core 2 spec there is nothing on the graphics. The Atom processor that I am using does have simular or better instruction set as the pentium 4. But that does not specify the opengl that is used. Apparently opengl 1.5 is required but also some form for the shaders which version I don't know. It would be nice to know what to expect and a littlebit of the roadmap. If I am going to buy new hardware I don't want to be faced with new features that requi
  15. I try to design a holder for some glass (transparant plasitic 0.25mm thick) that I want to use on my railway track (H0 scale). So I need 2 objects. 1 object where the 'glass' falls in and an other to go over the glass that I glue to the outside ring. So in principle I have 2 boxes that need to fit into eachother. The wall of the outer box is 0.8 mm so I would compensate the size of the inner box with 0.8 mm (left and right) or should I allow more room? Should I allow 0 mm spacing in between or something like 0.1mm? I still need to glue them together and the less room there is the better. . I
  16. Hi Andrewwib, Yep it is Design Spark Mechanical. The kids will be able to learn sketchup quickly. My kids did. But drawing something that is printable is different you must make sure that things are connected and that is quickly overlooked. I am playing arround in design spark and it takes a little more time than sketchup. But the ease in which you can make rounded corners which improves printability blows my mind. Making rounded corners in sketchup is possible but modifying them later is a mess. I don't know yet how quickly the kids can draw something printable since I am still waiting for
  17. Hi all, First of all I don't think it is a deliberate plan. Programming with backward compatibility in mind is a not a simple thing. Cura has its reasons to use performance optimized code. For that you have lots of possibilities to achive your goal. Without realizing it you quickly use something that is not possible in older hardware. The question is how far and how much time do you want to invest in these issues. It usualy starts with a small thing but 2 years from now that small thing is messing up your code al over the place. That part is the time consuming part. I don't know if Ultimaker
  18. Thanks Markus, I will look into updating the driver, have not updated for a long time (windows xp). Never change a working system helped me lots of times. Eric
  19. I guess I reached the end of my faithful netbook. It is a ASUS 1000HE with an Intel Atom N280 with GMA950. This only supports opengl 1.4. I can't use the Layers function anymore. On windows the program was just hanging. On Ubuntu it gave me an error message noting that the glBindBuffer was not available. I looked it up and it is supported since opengl version 1.5. So now I don't have the Layers function anymore. It did work on Cura 14.01. In that version the Overhang function was not working due to missing shaders. I could live with that but not having the layers will be a major drawback. Up
  20. Also give DesignSpark a look. It is also free and it is almost the same as spaceclaim.
  21. Do you need to sign in or is it just show up? It would be my first one.
  22. Andrewwib did you get a shipment mail? I did not and I ordered the kit on feb 13th. On the phone they told me I was on top of the list... When I look in the order it is still ready. So I can only conclude noting is shipped. It is very frustrating.
  23. I have not received any conformation that my order has been send. Waiting for 10 weeks now!
  24. I had them on the phone today and they are waiting for important parts for the um original. They expect them in at the end of the week. Shipping will likely happen next week. Please note that next week Monday is a day off....
  25. The leadtime is quite long, I ordered my original kit at feb 13th. It is still in shipping ready.... Hope when it comes it will also have the filament.
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