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  1. Update on what's happening: after experimenting more with the settings, the steps you mentioned above, and a plugin (the GPX to X3G plugin), nothing seems to be working. In fact, it seems to be the same result for everything. When I try to slice and print a single color model with Cura, it prints beautifully. When I try a dual extrusion object though, things get hairy. If I try to convert /that/ Gcode in ReplicatorG, I get the unrecognized MCode error shown above. Makerware won't take it either. Even if I ignore the above error, once I begin printing on my Replicator 2x, it begins trying to lo
  2. Hey, great to hear you guys are working on it. When I produce the GCode on Cura, and try to convert it to X3G on Makerware, it gives me an error an it cannot do it. On ReplicatorG when I am converting the file, I am getting this: Unrecognized MCode! M135
  3. Hey guys, We just got a Replicator 2x at school and we're pretty excited to use it. Previously we had been using a big Dimension printer, but are excited at how more open the bots are. However while printing with dual extrusion, we quickly learned about oozing. I printed a small mau5head and you can see it. A friend recommended using Cura, because it has ooze shield and wipe & prime tower. However, the Gcode it is exporting is simply not working. I have tried setting the machine settings manually, as well as testing two profiles for the 2x (I don't remember which ones, so any suggestions
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