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  1. TO MODERATOR: I FOUND THE SOLUTION: PLEASE DELETE THIS MESSAGE! The builtplate of my 1 week old Ultimaker2 won't raise properly. It only raises about 8 cm, then stops. Everything worked just fine yesterday. Today I wanted to fine tune the builtplate, and started the procedure. When the builtplate was raised to begin with, it stopped short by about 2 cm from the nozzle (when it asked me to adjust it to 1 mm from the nozzle, which evidently wasn't possible). After that I raised the builtplate by going to the Advanced settings. It then stopped even further down. And subsequent attempts only made it worse. Now it will only raise about 8 cm. I uploaded new default firmware from within Cura. I turned the machine off and on. Nothing helped. I tried to print stuff, but as it started to print mid air, I aborted the printing. What is wrong? What to do?
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