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  1. Here are the garage door buttons installed. They could use a little more clearance around the edges, but I might reprint them.
  2. I would really like to see a feature where it remembers the x and y position and moves the head to home when paused. Then moves it back to the x and y upon resume.
  3. One of the buttons on the garage door openers broke at my parents house. I made them some better ones. I'll post some of them installed when I get up there again.
  4. @LeoDDC That is some fine detail on the pig-dude. I also like your attaching mechanisms. I need to remember that. @Didier Klein Great design! the flowers even match. @PeggyB If you told someone 10 years ago that you would be able to print a woden part they would have called you crazy. Those shoes are wild! @Aaron Alai That is insanely cool! I didn't know you could print water soluble stuff! that really opens up a lot of doors. I'm more interested in making practicle items, but sometimes you just have to make something for your significant other.
  5. @AaronAlai That is a very pretty design. Having the right color of filament makes all the difference sometimes. @JonasK I will be interested to hear about how you made that engine. How many different prints and your attachment methods. If the pistons travel, I will lose my mind. When people hear rapid prototyping, I don't think they really understand how quickly multiple iterations can be created. I replaced one of the arms on my sun glasses with Google Glass. The design took 11 generations and approximately 6 hours to arrive at a workable design. Now to refine it and make it less conspicu
  6. My friend is really into Batman so I printed him one. 2 wall thickness and 0.1mm res. 3 hours.
  7. @mariem Amazing print, man! I know you have been working hard on that one.
  8. @Skint I do love my time lapses! I wish my GoPro had direct interface with my ulticontroller and would do the math for a 10-20 second time lapse of whatever I'm printing. One can dream. @AaronAlai I'm super glad you said this. The exact point I was trying to convey with this video was the workflow from mental image to physical object. My latest prints are pretty hard to see since they are so small and there are many pieces so I'm going to shamelessly link to the Thingiverse page. (No Time Lapse LOL!) http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:346378
  9. Proof of concept I have been wanting to try. Everyone has clicky pens so we all have access to traditional inexpensive non special springs. This design is a spring loaded detent and could be used to hold something in place without screws or adhesive. The next version might have a round plunger for less friction on the object.
  10. Printer is up and running and I'm starting to 'trust' it again with minimal supervision. That old shroud design wasn't working for me so I printed this. What does the hive mind say about this design?
  11. Ended up printing one of these. It printed well enough the first time so I'm printing another with the new cooling fan on to test whether it was cooling related.
  12. I took the entire assembly apart and did a manual heat on the nozzle. I cleaned it out so that I gave me a good cone. I also cleaned out the brass pipe and thermal isolator. I changed back to the original Ultimaker filament and so far it's printing very well again. Hopefully it lasts, but this is easily the longest and best results I've gotten in 3 days. Here is the album of some images. http://imgur.com/a/cSoBv
  13. Thanks for the help guys. I have done the atomic method about 6 times, but I have only gotten results like the following.
  14. WOW! I turned off the fan and it printed for a lot longer. However, it did begin to string again and then began to clog. I turned the fan all the way to 0 and increased temp to 235. It made somewhat of a recovery, but not fully. I have uploaded some photos. You can see where the error was noticed and settings changed. by 97% completion, the nozzle was completely clogged and no longer printing. I pricked it and the flow came back perfectly. Below are some photos throughout the print. Additionally, there are gaps at the crosses of my infil layers.
  15. I have been having some trouble with my printer clogging the nozzle around 15 minutes into the print. If I stop the print and poke a 0.36mm needle in it seems to unclog and I can extrude normally. The print starts fine directly after O poke the nozzle, but clogs again shortly after. The boden tube is not moving out of place and I am printing with stock settings. with the PLA adjusted to 2.82mm. I have tried other diameters, but the nozzle continues to clog. The average for 10 measurements of the PLA is 2.89mm, but it's still under extruding. What do you guys think?
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