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  1. Right now we only release a Windows version. We do have a Linux version in the works (we will try to release it soon) but as far as I know there is no support for OpenGL 4.3 on Mac? (Otherwise that would be possible).
  2. Hello everyone, We just released a new version of our slicer with support for the UM1 and UM2: http://www.loria.fr/~slefebvr/icesl/ It now runs on all OpenGL4.3 GPUs. Best -
  3. Great thanks, got it working with mm^3. Yes it makes sense to abstract away the filament diameter ; but maybe it would be best to use another letter to avoid confusion? (V instead of E? for instance sailfish uses A/B for dual extruders, but I do not know whether there is any standard for this). I also got the estimated time and material use in there, so that the diplay is correct - cool! About the discrepancy in Cura: I had switched to a Reprap profile and used 1.75 mm, then back to Ultimaker 2. Cura probably continued to use 1.75 mm when estimating times. I did the same switch back and fort
  4. Hi, I am developing a slicer (IceSL) and I am adding support for my brand new Ultimaker 2. I can easily change the E values to be cubic millimeters, or I can stick with millimeters. What would be the simplest for the UM2 firmware? Is there any way to indicate to the firmware which is used? Also, I noticed that the final E values produced by Cura have a ratio of approx. 2.4 wrt indicated filament length (e.g. Cura reports 0.50 meters - 500 mm - and the last E value is 1208). Where does this come from? I am having a blast with the UM2 !! Cheers
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