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  1. Thanks gr5. What I mostly took away from this is that when printing smaller, print slower. Indeed on larger prints I'm not seeing the issues. I haven't tried printing faster then the defaults. Looking in the settings it should be possible to print quite a bit faster. Lots of cool things to try!
  2. Ok, changing cool to 10 and setting the print temperature made a difference, but actually the real trick was just to turn the model 90 degrees. By moving the complexities to the front and back of the print it almost entirely removes the issue! You can see some pictures of the final result printed at 0.08 at: my G+:
  3. Thanks |Robert| :cool: That explanation makes a lot of sense. I'll try some of your suggested approaches, and be sure to report back!
  4. Why is that the problem? Why is the left side cooling fast enough while the right side isn't?
  5. Hey, I'm trying to tune my still quite new Ultimaker 2 and am using this quite tricky item for it: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:61855 . So far I've tried lowering speed, playing with different layer heights, slightly lowering the temperature, using support, and disabling "Combine Everything Type-A". Plastic: Faberdashery black PLA. Printing at 210. 50mm/sec. What I am seeing at all settings is ugliness on the front right sight of the print. I'm not sure whether this is a printer issue or a cura/slicing issue. Picture of left side: http://damad.be/joost/attic/priv/um2_c_left.jpg Picture of right side: http://damad.be/joost/attic/priv/um2_c_right.jpg Do you have an idea what might be going wrong here? The left side clearly shows that the UM2 can print this properly without support, the right side on the other hand looks really ugly. Thanks, Joost
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