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  1. @Team Ultimaker I guess you are right. Probably there is some hidden geometry inside, that causes confusing for printing. I will check that.
  2. The print result is there: everything worked out fine. The object in size and shape has been printed correctly! There's only one thing bothering me with this object. I think the printing time is rather long (9h:53m) for this size and simplicity. Looking at the way the nozzle is jumping during printing of one layer, something came to me. I noticed that the nozzle is jumping at moments that I didn't expect it to jump. What I mean is, the surface of one layer more or less has a logical pattern/order to be printed in such a way that the nozzle has minimal movement. Though I noticed that it is mo
  3. Yes, in X-ray view there are some problem areas. I can see red triangles in both upstanding parts. (See screenshot )
  4. Thanks for your suggestion. I have checked the layer view in Cura ... And, yes I found there that the misprint was already visible (no reason to start printing!). I went back to my original design in Sketchup and found that in the pats were Cura showed the misprint, the object was having unlogical components. I changed that, exported to STL, reloaded in Cura and checked the layer view again: no errors! At the moment I am printing again. I will let you know the outcome of that.
  5. I have an object designed in SketchUp 2015. I used the 'STL Import & Export' extension to generate a STL file. This one I loaded into Cura (14.12.1). In Cura the object visually looks fine. Then I generated the Gcode and started to print. Unfortunately, in the last part of printing the object, it printed with errors (awkward forms). What does it look like? The object is a cup holder to be used for coffee cups in a car. I have included two screenshots: A screenshot of the object loaded as STL in to Cura A screenshot from the viewer I used to view the Gcode generated by Cura What
  6. I am about to try to vapor-finish an ABS object. Of course I could do this using the heated bed on my Ultimaker 2. But since the air refreshing conditions in my working space are not sufficient, I am looking for a warming pad. I have seen one in this video: Can anyone recommend one for me?
  7. I am looking for selecting the right Dremel accessories for: Abrading Polishing Mainly with PLA and ABS printed objects. If you have any experience, please advise me what accessories work best. I have a Dremel 8200 set.
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