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  1. trying to print the largest and longest print ive ever attempted. need some help as im having first layer issues. with my bed leveled my first layer prints at different heights. can some one help
  2. I have an Ultimaker Org for sale works flawlessly; it has hot end upgrade and controller. a few prined upgrades. I have 5 rolls of filament i can include. (red 90%, black 70%, white 50%, blue 90%, and orange 100%) Came on hard time and have to sell this is located in Tacoma wa. Would be up to drive to meet someone Portland, and Everet prob. the farthest i want to go. $1200 OBO plus pp and $100 for shipping/ insurance
  3. SandervG, I would need to know about mine R768327460
  4. I'm about fed up with the whole thing. Don't mark a shipment as ready if its not ready. back-ordered, pending, something else. Ready leads me to think that all i had to do was wait for first few days in march.
  5. i Have a order I want to know about R768327460
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