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  1. My native language is polish, second language is french (I may be like native-speaker), third language is russian( more to 10 years of education), also I speak currently in czech, slovak, serbian-bosnian. The worse is english ... I look on french, russian, polish, also czech or slovak version ( languages are similares) - I not found the erreurs or mistakes - so not talk so quality or competences are not high, because I found more erreurs in english version, due the common errors caused by ordinary language. You must change the mentality of the English speaking part of the world which, while acknowledging that it is the most important in the world, forces the use of English - leading to the ridiculous situation where the words that existed in some language , are replaced by anyone incomprehensible English version . In France, the law forces the use of the vernacular , which puts every programmer in the reverse situation for what it is - wanting to appear on the French market for use of the French language - which in my opinion ( as well as opinion, MOST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD ) , is perfectly understandable . Because if the program says to me in my language is much more I am able to understand it and not make errors - which to me very often happen, because my knowledge of English is poor. Take it , please consider - because a lot of people have given up their 3D technology , because the barrier is forcing the English language. and so for the record - the English language is known by only 22 % of the population of the earth , well understood by 16% ... for comparison, the Spanish language is 37% and 32%, it is well understood ... - data from the United Nations, not wikipedia
  2. Most widely used language in the world is the chinese - not english ... That is first The second is so many peoples not understand english, because are too old to learn a heavy, ingeneering terms and for them it will be helpfull to have even a base of aplication in their native language For me - Wikipedia is not a trully source of knowledge, this phrase so english is most used language was wroten by english-men, which not have any experience to travel allround the world and not have the difficulties to communicate in english in many countries (France, ex-Soviet countries, Spain, Portugal, a more to 75% of population in South America, North Africa), in several countries is bad-look to use any aplication which is not translate on native language In my experience - in most of countries which I visited it was more easy to communicate in french language or spanish, or even in german than in english At the end - Cura is used the most in the countries non-english spoken. Because they have more entusiasm to do something with than the west countries - a second place in the world in 3D-Printing industry is the Poland.... And not all the ingeneers speak in english .... Third is China with Russia ... I sommma - is not english which is the most spoken language by the people which use the Cura. Think about it ....
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