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  1. Its a nice feature in spaceclaim, but how would you go at creating some curves like those fan ducts you find?
  2. Not sure I understand the question completly, but for fuent shapes I usually like to draw a curved line, the extrude the line to a surface, and then extrude that surface to a certain thickness. If you want to get a fluent connection between to shapes, lets say a square and a circle, you need "spaceclaim" the paid (or otherwise obtained) version of design spark mechanical Exactly like you describe it, if i use spaceclaim how would ii do the shape like you just described?
  3. how would i go for this one: http://imgur.com/vKHpTXw im trying to create 2 circles, one circle are larger than the other. Then im trying to sweep one surface to the other. But the shape doesnt get smaller or larger depended of wich circle i take, how to go around that ? :/
  4. Thank you Labern, i could try that. ill get back to you later
  5. Yeah i think in designspark its called sweep, where i create 2 squares for example and a line from the middle og both , then i can sweep from 1 object to the other, in that i could create a pyramid. but im not sure about the thin walled extruding. :/
  6. I do have an idea, but the problem is to curve the wind from the fan like the ideas you came with. For example this one: http://www.thingiverse.com/make:119497 Lets say i want to create something similar, how to i go on about creating the hole inside the model? I would go create the fan duct without the hole where the wind should go. and then i would somehow create the hole inside the model. But is this the way to go, and how do i do it i hope this helps
  7. Yeah this is for my printer, im trying to create a fan duct for a fan blower so the problem is to get the fan flowing. Like foehnsturms work, i think its hard to create the twisting inside og a model. i do have some ideas how to create my model but how to get it done in modelling the hole in the model to curve the wind is the hardest part for me.
  8. Hello Folks i was wondering how you would go on about creating a fan duct, it seems like it isnt an easy job. Im using Designspark mechanical/Spaceclaim to create my models. Maybe any of you knew or had some good inputs on how to go create one. Thanks in advance. - Thomas
  9. 20% infill, and yes same settings and same speed. i think i experimented on the cura part with the temp but didnt make a difference :/
  10. Sure ! Well the problem is when i choose 0,15mm layer height in cura i get this wierd layers like theres some kind of wobble. But when im using KISSlicer with the same, then there's nothing on the print. could i be setting up Cura wrong ? But thats nothing about the raft settings
  11. Its not that often more like when the bed gets too much glue and the layers are kind of warping inside the perimeters at first layer. But i just found out i was using a wrong layer height, so after a few layers, there would be a negative effect on the prints. Im still wondering why but thats for another thread
  12. Thank you for your inputs, i just what daid said. i lowered the temp from 220 to 210 and now it works wonder with 0,33 in airgap. The part is easy to detach from the raft and only a little miscolor from the raft. About the brim feature.. i like that its making it but what i dont like is the little edge on the printed object and i dont like that. i will consider the wood glue thing, it sounds like a great solution. Right now im just adding a layer of glue from a glue stick. it works but seems like its just adding more and more and i have to re adjust the bed each time i add a layer.
  13. Well im using heatedbed at 70c and hotend at 220c printing with e3d v5 on glass but it seems like printing on clean glass is a No go. Then theres hairspray and that doesnt work. Im using glue stick now and its Worning but still some kind of warping on larger prints, but using a raft work wonders. Ill try and lower the temp alittle on hotend to see if that works.
  14. Im printing with Black Colorfabb PLA, i changed the airgap to alittle more, something around 0.33 this helped but the object is now "white" on that side i took of the raft. i havent tried with ABS as i dont want to mix up my E3D hotend with 2 materials. But if its ABS then it needs to be closer to the raft? i like the raft feature cause it looks like im not getting any warp at all
  15. Hello folks I just installed cura 14.10 RC2 And for the first time im trying to use the raft functions. Im having kind of a hard job to get the raft off. Im getting Nice and beautiful prints but its stuck with the raft. Can somebody tell What the settings means? I tried changing the airgap to 0.27 instead of 0.22 but that didnt help :( - TRoager
  16. Yes you can use RAMPS with Marlin Firmware.You can choose your Controller of your choice.
  17. Hello Droopas i have build an Ultimaker from scratch. Its hard to gather some of the parts but when you get them theres isn't anything different from this printer to an i3 in the building. because its an controller and some motors. There isn't enough space for the ramps controller with fans on top. i have created some feet for mine, so i could get it little higher and enough airflow for the controller. But if you want you can make the lasercutted parts longer so you get some more space beneath. And don't make the ultimaker out of MDF, use Birch or something else thats more resistant to movin
  18. Then i dont understanding this print :/ It looks like over extruding and then under extruding.
  19. Hello folks I have an ultimaker with an E3D v5. I have been running with okay prints, just not the Way i liked it, so i changed my nozzle size for faster prints. I changed from 0.3 to 0.35. And when i did that i tried to do a print, and Lines were Way off on the new size. So my question is, What should i do when i change my nozzle? Do i have to recalibrate my extruder and so on. Hope you guys Can help If needed i Can Uploade some pictures.
  20. I just tried to do one more calibration cube. And the ripple is getting worse with each layer. And after alittle while, my extruder stops extruding. Maybe i should try and print another extruder such as wades?? Any idea ?
  21. I changed my acceleration from 1500 too 1000 and it help but not enough. Maybe i should get another extruder. Im using airtrippers bowden , and im getting some different results with under extrusion and over extrusion
  22. I just uploaded some more pictures to the folder. Please see Them, its pictures of the printer. Ahh. The bearing holders.. Im using twisterblocks from youmagine, they seems great and more precise than the laser cut parts
  23. Yes im using cura, gave some good results. And in wich block? You think it maybe isnt tight enough on the axis? Hmm have to try the Oil again Then
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