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  1. It's a forwarder (company) that i use for imports..
  2. I'm located in Singapore in South East Asia unfortunately, but I have a forwarding address in USA if that helps
  3. Sorry, but where did you get the 0.7mm nozzle? Would love to get one for my laywood filament
  4. Thanks! I'll give it a shot!
  5. PLA, at 230 deg... i'm not sure if something is wrong with the nozzle but it prints better the higher i go. Sometimes, i even print at 260 deg for PLA
  6. My UM2 seems to have a habit of dragging filament with it when it's moving from one print area to another, leading to long "threads" connecting the same old places over the duration of the entire print... See https://www.icloud.com/photostream/#A3GJDfWGG0pYGq How can I reduce / eliminate this? I have tried printing slower (doesn't really help), I have tried increasing the retraction distance to 5mm instead of 4.5, and retraction speed as well. What else should I be playing with? Thanks Garry
  7. Thanks guys - I tried the atomic removal method like 20+30 times, and finally the pin came out too. LOL My hands hurt like hell tho!
  8. I think I just hit murphy's law. I have a blocked nozzle on my ultimaker 2. First I tried this "Atomic method" that everyone is talking about. It worked for a few times, and then the last time the nozzle jammed again, i tried it, only this time, the filament broke at the nozzle as I was pulling it up, and the pin i was using to clear the nozzle from below also broke IN the nozzle, leaving it further blocked at the bottom with a broken part of the pin, and blocked at the top with a filament that doesn’t melt even when i turn it up to 260 degrees. What can I
  9. Thanks guys! I will try printing it tilted... the 0.5mm diameter hole - i can make it out, but i think the molten plastic kinda "flowed" into it...
  10. I absolutely agree. Ultimaker 2 was one of those printers you buy, and instead of figuring out how to print and setup and configure, it had it up and running and making my first print in 15 mins. Almost like buying a normal printer! And i'm totally new to 3D printing.
  11. Hi guys I'm trying to print this on an ultimaker 2. Dimensions are 8x8x4mm, so it's really small. The lens circle is a gap of 0.5mm, and the little circular hole on the camera is also 0.5mm diameter. https://www.icloud.com/photostream/#A35M7GFPa5Ej5;6EBD0F72-BBC9-4F3E-9938-9A11E9F96C7F What happens when i print is that the lens circular gap, as well as the 0.5mm diameter hole gets filled in completely. How can i improve this print? do i speed up the fan so that it cools faster once printed, so it does not "overflow" into the hole? or slow the print down? any other tips/suggestions? does l
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