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  1. Hi guys I too want to find temperature settings for cura 2.5 I just upgraded to it. This was not available in 2.4 either. For PLA, I want to control head and bed temperature as right now, the bed is always set at 77 degrees and print head at 230. This is for PLA. I am struggling to find this setting. I can see the option to have the option available in custom setting but when checked, the setting does not show.
  2. Hi guys Hope you can help. I have a UM2 and I am new here. I bought a used one and trying a few things. I have not been able to find an answer for this through search and google. My solid prints are fine and also the ones that require infill however, when I try to print anything hollow like a glass or vase, the prints are pretty stringy and dirty from from the inside but pretty good on the outside. The outer layer seems to be printing at lower speed and comes out fine, but the internet layer is a very quick run and usually tends to leave a lot of strings internally. I am not sure how to dea
  3. Hi Neotko It is definitely the UM2 with no upgrades. IN the first instance, can you explain what the statistics mean? What does this tell you/?
  4. Hi guys I am going to be picking up an ultimaker 2 on Saturday and I wanted to get some opinions on what to look out for. I have not used an ultimaker before and I am not sure what to look at. Can someone please give me a list of things to check / test? I asked for the amount of hours used and the seller is unsure, however they provided me with this data Machine on for: 1913:21 Printing 1001:23 1037m Can someone please make sense of this? Can someone take a picture of what this looks like on the printer and what this means? I would really appreciate all the help you can give me. Th
  5. I can see them in the layers 1 to 6 anything above that shows nothing
  6. You can ignore the print temperature stuff as that is handled on the LCD panel on the printer and does not need Cura to tell it this.
  7. Here you go [profile] layer_height = 0.1 wall_thickness = 0.8 retraction_enable = True solid_layer_thickness = 0.9 fill_density = 0 nozzle_size = 0.4 print_speed = 50 print_temperature = 0 print_temperature2 = 0 print_temperature3 = 0 print_temperature4 = 0 print_bed_temperature = 0 support = Touching buildplate platform_adhesion = None support_dual_extrusion = First extruder wipe_tower = False wipe_tower_volume = 15 ooze_shield = False filament_diameter = 1.75 filament_diameter2 = 1.75 filament_diameter3 = 0 filament_diameter4 = 0 filament_flow
  8. I am using Cura for a reprap printer just so you guys know. I have configured it to the documentation received with the printer. I get good prints with everything apart from vases, cups and the like
  9. I have tried both of those ideas. My bottom layer is set to 0.3 and have also tried 1.0, no joy. Pulling my hair out.
  10. And another one. No bottom. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:81908
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