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  1. I'm "glad" to see I'm not the only one waiting and waiting and waiting. I ordered (3 weeks ago so why am I complaining if you guys are waiting over 5 weeks :-P) a ulticontroller and PLA. They told me that the ulticontroller isn't in stock but the PLA was but still no delivery. I had to buy pearl white PLA somewhere else because I had to make little thank you presents for a wedding. I canceld the PLA but I still havn't got a reply. I know that the guys at Ultimaker are very busy but come on they have to take care of there customers. I keep on waiting (and the kids at school as well because
  2. Thnx for the advice. I'm going to check but right now it's printing just fine. I will let you know....
  3. problem solved. I downloaded 14.03 test2 and I've got a nice bracelet again! :-P
  4. I was printing a bracelet and after a few layers the printhead moved to a different part of the bed and started printing there. The bracelet wasn't finished yet. It started to give me messages like: <echo endstops hit: X 81.41 <echo endstops hit: X 81.51 <echo endstops hit: X 81.86 and so on..... I printed the bracelet in cura 14.01 with no problem. I'm printing with usb. Can someone please tell me what's going on. The first layer in Cura 14.03 is horrible bye the way.
  5. I have a problem with the temperature in Cura 14.03 (and now also in Cura 14.01) all of a sudden the temperature is going up to 250 and somethimes up to 270. My Um1 was doing fine but now I have a problem. Does anyone else has this problem. I'm connected with USB because I'm still waiting for Ultimaker to deliver my ulticontroller :mad:. Pls advice....
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