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  1. Bit late to the party, but here is my result from my UM2 which is not particularly well tuned or set.
  2. I opened up the head to inspect and can confirm that heater and sensor are well seated and looking good. Uninstalled Cura, deleted all files / folders related to Cura (I'm running Ubuntu Utopic on 32 bit), and re-installed Cura 14.12.1 fresh. Got the same error twice since then. Both times it happened when I moved away from the machine to do some other chores, so I cannot confirm what was happening to the temperature. I think I'm not going to waste any more filament until the dev's attend to this and post another update. Probably will happen only after the year end holidays, I guess.
  3. I'm sure my heater and sensor are mechanically quite well installed, but that's the first thing I'll re-check when I get back home after my trip. Also, the "Factory Reset" option seems like a good lead. I'll report back on how it goes next week. Anool
  4. I can confirm that I am facing the same problem "ERROR STOPPED - Heater Error" using both 14.12 as well as 14.12.1 This is on a machine that was working fine on older version and in which no physical changes were made other than firmware. I rolled back to 14.07 but now, when I give a print command, the Nozzle moves to initial position, primes the material, and then stops without showing any error. I'll be trying out 14.09 to see if that works.
  5. Well, I was using 14.12.1 Let me roll back to 14.07 and report what happens. Anool
  6. I'm receiving above pictured error. It's random. Sometimes I'm able to print an object. At other times this error crops up. Any tips on how to troubleshoot ?
  7. Thanks for the replies folks. Seems I might be having intermittent bed heating issues too - the machine stops with an error indicating problem with the heating bed - can't remember the exact text - asking me to contact UM support. That could be a loose cabling issue too. Can you guys point me to instructions on dismantling the heated bed ? I'm kinda new here so not sure where to look for that answer. Also, if I have to raise a support ticket, the sign up form is asking me for a Ultimaker Order ID. We ordered our's from Maker Shed, so I don't have a UM Order ID. Even though the Order ID field
  8. I'm Anool Mahidharia, co-founder of Wyolum (www.wyolum.com) based out of Mumbai, India. Those of you who attended OHS2013 would probably know of us from the BADGEr conference badge project. We purchased two UM2 machines recently - one for my buddy Kevin Osborn in Boston, and another for me. Took almost 2 months for me to receive my machine, and I had to pay 42% duty :( Machine was pretty banged up when I received it - lots of screws fallen off, and a couple of them missing. I had to open up most of the machine and re-assemble it. However, once I set it up and running, its been going gr
  9. I went ahead and bought a spool of regular 3mm ABS. The filament diameter was 2.90mm at 3 or 4 places that I measured. I'm hoping it's consistent through out the spool, but at the moment it looks good. Getting the ABS to stick was another story as it peeled off the first 2 times that I tried a print. I then rustled up the ABS-Acetone goop mixture, and applied a thin layer using a cotton bud (Q-Tip for you 'Mericans).
  10. I got my UM2 a couple of weeks ago. Right now, I'm using the green 2.85mm dia PLA filament that came along with the machine. But pretty soon, I'll have to get other colors and maybe also ABS material. I'm based in Mumbai, India and don't have any local source/supplier for 2.85mm filaments. I could try importing, but the 42% Customs duty makes it pretty expensive. Standard 3mm filament is available from many sources locally. So, I looked at the issues that prevent using a 3mm filament instead of 2.85mm and it seems to boil down to the 3mm filament getting stuck in the Bowden tube. Am I right
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