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  1. EvilGrass, I´ve already tested the files in Cura 14.03 and everything works fine! That´s all I need to print, many thanks again!
  2. This plugin is exactly what i´m looking for! Unfortunately I´ve tried the Pronterfan UI in my Cura 14.03 RC6 and the interface simply does not appear. When I click on "Print" nothing happens... Yes, I´ve copied the right files in the right folder and the preferences menu shows the option "Pronterface fan". Any idea?
  3. Well, how difficult is it to understand, that not all people using a printer want to do that in exactly the same way you prefer personally? What is wrong with the simply wish to leave the good things as they are? If I feel convinient with the software as it was before, why must someone try to convince me from anything else? What is wrong with having a single request to a programmer?
  4. Ok, I thank you for clarifying... In fact, the thing which worries me ist that the Cura software is the one which has been worked best for my printer and I was able to do everything with it. Now I´m somehow in beetween, I still can use Cura 14.01 but I have a lot of benefit with the new infill technology from 14.03. And I do have an panel as well, but it is not really convinient since I have an own computer for my printer as well. All I would need is the print dialog from 14.01 moved in 14.03... and I assume that I´m not the only one.
  5. gr5, to be honest I don´t really understand what your are talking about - I NEVER had ANY problems with USB. For my printer I use a cable which is even 3 meters long - without any troubles! And if there would be any, I would use an ACTIVE USB cable. Sorry gr5, but what you´re writing here sounds just like an bad excuse for not doing that what Ultimaker users are expecting. Looks like that you just want to sell new stuff.
  6. Happy to see that there is some progress here. UNfortunately is all you doing beyond my possibilities... What I´m missing at the mkoment is the possibility to (pre-) heat the bed and the nozzle. Currently I just can do that with my LCD panel, but in 14.01 this option was available. Finally I would need some help getting this things together, I a real dummy in programming, not sure how putting this code pieces together. I think there will be a lot of people out there like me and for us it would be niche to have the code in one Piece and a short instruction where to put these...
  7. Since my posts has to checked by an mod (newbie) it took quite while untill it appears here in the forum.... @Daid: Would you take my suggestion in #12 in account?
  8. @Daid: I appreciate all the wrk you´re doing and can understand the idea behind the small "just print" menu, but I would think that it wouldn´t be that much effort to copy the old (extended) printing menu into the new code. This would work for most of the people here, since we all love the new features of Cura besides the prining menu. To make the printing dialog free configurable is anyway a good idea, but for me it would be the third option in the preferences drop down. I know serveral people working with 3D printers but there a just a few who could deal with scripts and would be able to adopt a menu - even if this is considered as that simple. So please let the printing menu looking like that: File --> Preferences --> Printing Window Type ---> Basic ---> Advanced ---> Pronterface UI
  9. Maybe I´m just to blind to see, but I´m missing the some features in 14.03... After pressing the "print" button there was usually a seperate window ( at least in 14.01) with some temperature settings and the possibility for jogging all axis and do homing. Now in 14.03 I´m getting just the window to abort the print - nothing more than that.. How to do homing after an aborted print now?
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