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  1. ultiarjan

    UM3: Bad quality only at support surface

    I agree you should try to solve the issue without PVA first. I've had much better results with PLA support and support roof, though only with 0.4 I believe the 0.8 profiles really needs some work still. If I look at the side of the last picture it looks a bit like underextrusion to me. Do you use default cura pla profiles and default temperature? what print speeds? some of the profiles have strange print speed variations, like super fast infill vs walls, I like to normalise speeds a bit more. If you want to use the 0.8 I think it's good do do a few similar test prints and vary the support roof settings to find the optimum.
  2. ultiarjan

    More Connectivity the Ultimaker 3

    I can confirm the VPN solutions works very well. In my home network I use a "fritzbox" router, that has a very easy to setup VPN option. Look in your router manual or google the router type you have. I run the VPN from my android phone to connect the Ultimaker app, Look at some webcams in my printroom (use motioneye on a Rpi for that) and control a powerplug (WeMo) to be able to kill a printer (never needed it but to be sure..)
  3. looking at that picture it's the sub-assembly station for the frame, before it moves to the stations where the components get put into it right... and the QC guy does QC on the frame before it enters the production....
  4. So each printer is build by a single operator, but "not really" as the assembly is done based on pre assembled parts (sub-assemblies) right? like the main panels and the head and maybe some other stuff?
  5. Another question for Steve, do you do all machine types on the same line? do you mix types or do you do larger batches of the same machine? Specifically, does the S5 fit on the existing conveyors.
  6. love it! a photo explains more than a 1000 words.
  7. ultiarjan

    [3.3.1] Change Material from PLA to unknown

    Think of a scenario where you have a bunch of printers in a farm, loaded with multiple material types. Setting the material on the printer will make sure Cura Connect knows which machine can be used for which job. So it's actually not to anoy users of non-ultimaker material, but to make sure you can also use non ultimaker material in a print farm. I always get annoyed when I get the warning if a different color of PLA is loaded. I think the best way around the issue is some improvements in the Cura Connect GUI so the override is easier and more intuitive.
  8. It's been a long time request of myself to have the option to set a brim on the prime tower, even when you don't use it on the printed item. I've heard it will be in an upcoming release.... not sure when exactly
  9. ultiarjan

    Printer name - prefix on G Code

    I have no idea why it's not taking your printer name anymore, but in the meantime you can ofc just click the name in the right bottom corner and rename the file... but easy to forget indeed...
  10. ultiarjan

    Soluble Supports: Tower Layer Bonding

    I find increasing the prime tower thickness will increase it's reliability;
  11. ultiarjan

    Cura 3.3.1 files not suitable for printer

    I had some issues with profiles myself, did a clean install and all was fine. You could try a clean install, here's where all the files are you need to delete (or backup....) https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/3051
  12. I can do better here's all the UM3 parts.... http://www.mindkits.co.nz/bottom-plate.aspx https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8M9SXv5Qgy3VTBoMjNYZklqa28/view Just order by sending a mail to your BE/NL reseller with the part data, they use the same book ...
  13. The original metal plate from the UM3 is around 50,- Oh and I have not looked into it, but did you try to get a CNC quote on 3D hubs for the plate? wonder what that would cost....
  14. Not sure if you've seen it but a long time ago I actually put a UM3 head in this machine. https://youtu.be/KDGUyEFx00A You are right, now that the UM3 files are out it's easy to copy the head, however depending on the machine you want to put it in you may want to make some modifications. If you look at the UM3 head it has a tiny Y bearing in it, the addapted head og the S5 has a slightly wider head, with room for a bigger bearing, this should be easy to do yourself based on the UM3 files, specially since you wil not need the original UM3 electronics. It wil mean a bit wider metal bottom plate (probably about 5 mm more distance between the cores) I still want to make a better single core head, for my UM2, but it has never made it to the top of my to do list till now :)
  15. ultiarjan

    It is here, the new Ultimaker S5!

    Took the bed files from Cura 3.3, to visualize the size difference of the 3 and the 5

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