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  1. can you explain a bit more, or beter show a picture? do you still use the original small black feeder?
  2. I'm not sure if they generated an STL or just directly generated the G-code for the test prints, but they didn't use a slicer for sure as there is non available... After a quick read of the article my interpretation would be that there is no real practical/mechanical reason to implement Schwartz P or D into Cura as they do not outperform the already implemented Gyroid infill. They do look cool though 🙂
  3. Not atm, but you could always ask the guy who brought us the gyroid infill for cura; @smartavionics interesting read I found; https://www.researchgate.net/publication/330920019_Bio-Inspired_3D_Infill_Patterns_for_Additive_Manufacturing_and_Structural_Applications
  4. to be clear; take out the horseshoe clip (the blue thingy) then push down on the white thingy while pulling out the bowden tube.... Works the same on the feeder side of the tube...
  5. And you should be proud !!! you rock !!! Some of your work should really be standard incorporated in Cura, f.e the sidebar plugin is 1000x better than the default gui. Thanks for making Cura a lot nicer to work with.
  6. I don't agree, I prefer the QR as it's easier to clean the gears. I run one on an Ultimaker2 for years and it just works. Would recommend it.
  7. And to add, some of my project files created in cura 4.3 all with a specific printer make cura crash, funny thing is the custom printer gets added before cura crashes. Did send the crash reports.
  8. He Robert, welcome. You made me curious, now I want to see the rain>electricity thing....
  9. This seems counter productive to me, as the lines will also be printed 0.48 apart from each other. I would just keep 0.4 but increase flow % and temp a bit. If you increase flow, and need working threads, you may need some negative "horizontal expansion" (in CURA's shell settings) to compensate
  10. not a complete answer... but here's the pinout ; https://github.com/Ultimaker/Ultimaker2/blob/master/1091_Main_board_v2.1.1_(x1)/Main Board V2.1.1.pdf
  11. it was always just below 300 euro i think. Probably the effect of the pound not doing to well.....
  12. for curious people that don't want to install the beta, you can also just download the zip https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/releases/tag/4.4-beta-pre-release And check the new profiles (open fe in notepad++) in: Downloads\Cura-4.4-beta-pre-release.zip\Cura-4.4-beta-pre-release\resources\intent\ultimaker_s5
  13. here's some inspiration for you ....
  14. Thoiugh I'm not sure Ultimaker is still officially suppling loose parts of the feeder (they should IMHO...) they did in the past, see below for the partnumber of your small gear, Just try to order at your reseller and mention the ultimaker partnumber (bottom right on the label)
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