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  1. and I assume the added benefit of adding it to base Cura will be that the save option can be in the visibility setting menu itself.
  2. ultiarjan

    Hole-y wall help

    what printer did you use? 0.3 nozzle is a bit of an odd one... and what settings?
  3. ultiarjan


    did you try printing something from a different SD card?
  4. ultiarjan

    Ultimaker S5 | impressions & opinions

    I would also not place a printer so close to the edge of a cabinet without some extra security....
  5. ultiarjan

    Sidebar GUI for Cura 4.0

    You can already make custom sets by editing the files that control the visibility settings. Just make a copy on an existing profile, change it in notepad++, and save it under a different name, also don't forget to change the name of the custom set in the file; obviously creating the custom list from the gui is a 1000x easier... so I would be very grateful @ahoeben if you ever find the time for this.
  6. ultiarjan

    Print Core Jammed after filament build up

    do you have an idea what is blocking the core for removal? there is never a need to remove core's via the menu, even in normal operation I switch core's all the time without using menu operations (same for fillament change). If there's a buildup of material blocking the core you may try adding some heat with a hot air blower, but be carefull not to overdo it with the heat... Without a picture it's hard to see the severity of your issue, so I have no idea if there's a need to still disassemble the head for cleaning. Though it's a pita ofc, it's not to difficult to do, and also the spare parts of the head (besides electronics and the metal bottom) are really cheap, so when in doubt I would replace parts....
  7. ultiarjan

    Ultimaker S5 | impressions & opinions

    I usually cut the filament end at a 45deg angle and straighten the tip a bit, then it's pretty easy imho
  8. ultiarjan

    Ultimaker S5 | impressions & opinions

    Many have asked for this before, ever since the launch of the UM3, but the rumour is that now Ultimaker is working on it.....
  9. You can already use a CORE with a duet board with no problem at all, if you forget about the chip containing the number for identification of the CORE, it's just a PT100 + Heater, which you can use like any other PT100 + heater on the Duet (+pt100 expansion board ofc)
  10. ultiarjan

    WTB UM2 or UM2+ U.S.

    no UM2's atm, but they do sell refurbished machines; https://fbrc8.com/collections/refurbished-printers
  11. I'm not sure which parts are compatibled between UM2 and UMO, but in the Ultimaker Github locations you'll find the step files (3D modesl) of both UM2 and UMO, so you can check every dimension you need... A bit strange, but the UMO file is also in the UM2 location... https://github.com/Ultimaker/Ultimaker2/blob/master/Assembly UM2 stepfile.STEP https://github.com/Ultimaker/Ultimaker2/blob/master/Total UMOr.STEP Most CAD programs open .step files , you can use f.e. Fusion360, or DesignSpark Mechanical.
  12. thanks man, all the best for 2019 for you too !!
  13. ultiarjan

    Ulitmaker 2 board dead

    Unless you have multiple UM2's that you want to keep the same for a consisted workflow, I would recommend replacing the board with a Duet3d board. Basically modernize your machine for less money. It's more silent, and it's network connected, controlled from any device that runs a browser.
  14. ultiarjan

    Where to buy UM2 Go bed glass?

    Mayby @fbrc8-erin from https://fbrc8.com can let you know if she can still order the 2Go glass from Ultimaker. I would hope and assume Ultimaker will still support the 2Go with parts. My re seller in the Netherlands has stock, but that will be expensive shipping...

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