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  1. Yesterday my brother and I spend the whole day figuring out how to compare the changes made in firmware on github, compiling them and localizing which change causes my problem.


    After flashing a lot of firmwares (and printing a lot of those test pieces) we found the commit that causes the problem:


    The date of this commit is: Apr 18, 2014

    Committed by Daid

    Change text: Fix compiling with PIDTEMPBED disabled.

    Number: f1ec4aa9ad500ce98c206ea0fb8aab05e49ebce7

    Link: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Ultimaker2Marlin/commit/f1ec4aa9ad500ce98c206ea0fb8aab05e49ebce7


    Although we don't really know what this change does, we managed to recompile firmware 14.09 with the change rolled back. Now the surface quality with our recompiled 14.09 firmware is the same as with firmware 14.03.


    In file Marlin/Configuration.h we changed line number 218 back to the previous state, defining PIDTEMPBED which enables PID on the bed according to the comment. I'm not sure what this means exactly, so any insight on this would be helpful.


    The section of code which we changed:



    // Bed Temperature Control
    // Select PID or bang-bang with PIDTEMPBED. If bang-bang, BED_LIMIT_SWITCHING will enable hysteresis
    // Uncomment this to enable PID on the bed. It uses the same frequency PWM as the extruder.
    // If your PID_dT above is the default, and correct for your hardware/configuration, that means 7.689Hz,
    // which is fine for driving a square wave into a resistive load and does not significantly impact you FET heating.
    // This also works fine on a Fotek SSR-10DA Solid State Relay into a 250W heater.
    // If your configuration is significantly different than this and you don't understand the issues involved, you probably
    // shouldn't use bed PID until someone else verifies your hardware works.
    // If this is enabled, find your own PID constants below.
    #define PIDTEMPBED //<<Uncommented line 218 again.



  2. So i have tried the cura 14.10_RC5 firmware. (before i did a factory reset and changes no settings but the print temp)

    In the picture you can see that it did not solve my problem.

    surface comparison (Firmware 14.10_RC5            Firmware 14.09          Firmware 14.03)

    I really like to use the new and improved features in newer firmware versions.

    But for now in going back to firmware 14.03 :(

    If someone is willing to do the same test, to see if this problem only occurs on my machine or not, I would be helped alot.

    .gcode file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/22756276/test%20print%20v2.gcode


  3. I just did another factory reset, then flashed latest firmware (14.09)

    for me the problem is still there.

    to test it this time i made a print on 14.03 than flashed 14.09 and print that same .gcode file with the exact same settings and conditions.

    Can someone plz try the same and tell me if you are having the same experience?

    .gcode file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/22756276/test%20print%20v2.gcode%C2%A0(same%20as%20used%20before%20in%20this%20topic)

    Firmware 14.09 (bad surface quality)       Firmware 14.03 (good surface quality)


    I made an error in naming the firmware that gave the good result. (14.07 changed to 14.03)


  4. Hi guys,

    I've had this problem with my reprap, and it had to do with Z axis : it wasn't correctly carried, so Z axis pushed and pulled the extruder slightly, with the exact Z sscrew shape of the axis on the final model. It looks like the same problem here, you shoule check if the shape of your model matches the shape of your Z axis, and maybe you need to check your machine (i dont know the ultimaker design, so that's the best i can tell...)


    Thx for tip.

    But I'm printing a lot lately on the older firmware (14.03) and not once i had the bad surface quality that like the 14.07 firmware produces.


  5. Double blind testing time!


    Here are 4 prints. If there is a quality difference, tell me which is 14.03 and which is 14.06. I'm not telling how many are printed on 14.03 and 14.06.

    (Also asking around at the office, will post the results of that tomorrow)


    your photo is not very good. but i think the two on the right are 14.06 and the two on the left are 14.03

    But a better photo (of photo's) will be appreciated.

    I only tested with 14.03 and 14.07. So I'm curious why you chose to use 14.06?


  6. That doesn't match the photo. It's the wrong gcode file. Why make us to 3 times the work if you want help.

    I suggest if you ask someone to do something you do a little work yourself.

    If this is the gcode with the worst quality difference then maybe post the pictures of this part.


    Hey gr5,

    I am really sorry that you think i don't work hard while asking help. I will try to do better.

    But if you look at my first post, you will see an album. with 3 photo's.

    That are the 3 gcode files that I posted later. The second photo will match with the "07dustfilter fork v2.gcode" file.


    Well I looked at the above gcode in repetier host carefully and also in cura carefully and loaded the settings and looked at that also.

    Those sides are printed in a single pass which is good (a single line) yet they seem to show some kind of pattern that shouldn't be there.


    After i read this, I opened the "07dustfilter fork v2.gcode" file in cure to look for myself.

    I see a pattern in the Z axis.

    But i see this pattern in all my gcode files (If i save them and then reopen them in cura).

    While slicing the part and looking a the layers it does not show this pattern.


  7. hello ultimakers,

    I have encountered a problem with the surface quality with the new firmware (14.07).

    Before I posted this i have done a lot of testing.

    The tests i did, to make sure it’s the firmware causes this problem, are:

    I printed 2 different parts on firmware 14.07 then i flashed firmware 14.03 and printed those 2 parts again. (The parts are printed from the exact same .gcode file and SD card)

    See pictures for a side by side comparison

    20140720 16243020140720 16254120140721 120638Firmware 14.09 (bad surface quality)       Firmware 14.03 (good surface quality)surface comparison (Firmware 14.10_RC5            Firmware 14.09          Firmware 14.03)





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