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  1. I'd be happy with an invoice payment. Edit: Who do I contact for an invoice?
  2. Here is a screencap of the error I'm getting.
  3. Thanks for the support. PS: I accidentally reprted your post with my reply. Oops! I wasn't paying attention to the buttons.
  4. Hello, For the last couple of days I have been trying to buy an Ultimaker 2 3D printer and some filament. This hasn't gone smoothly at any point of the payment and support phases. 2 days ago I had my order ready and was ready to pay via my credit card. I chose to pay with my card, entered my information correctly and when clicking the send button I was sent back to the payment options page with the "Payment could not be processed, please check yout information" error. I tried again a couple of times, making sure my information was correct, and the error persisted. From there I called my ban
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