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  1. I did the same thing. I mounted E3D with UM block, thermocouple with sensor and heater. I needed to glue some additional material,because extrusion head won't reach the letf x endstop on the front and back y endstop on the left. I did the test print and I've got 2 problem with temperature I think: 1) when heated do 210 C before pront start, the ulticontroller start to jump with showing tempreture. It showed 205, 209, 216, 203, 206, 210 - range of temprateture with changing 5-6 time per second. I've turn off UM and tried again and it didn't happen again 2) when it start to print, on the firsts layers UM underextrude material. I've raised temp. to 220, then 230 C and it start print fine. On the top of print (that i've used to print well) it started to melted filament too much. I've check the alu block on 95 and 110 with drop of water and it seems work well, so I don't know, what it could be...
  2. I'm planning to buy version with thermistor 100K NTC Semitec and 12V 40W heater cartridge. But I also consider leaving original ultimaker aluminium block, heater and thermocouple, as I read in comments under am001 mount
  3. Hello, I plan to mount E3D v5 in my Ultimaker 1 (with this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:94678%20) My question is - do I just need to mount hardware and change endstop setting and that going to work or I have to change also some software or install any soft upgrade for this?
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