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  1. what i don't understand is why when ever people design stuff that needs supports to be printed. Support thy have used in order to print the item why thy don't upload both files. With & without support, at least you would get a better idea of what a well supported item looks like.
  2. 7 rolls of Colorfabb. Blue grey 80%, mint turquoise 90%, neutral, woodfill fine, XT, glowfill, bluefish white all unopened. Ultimaker blue 60% 1 roll Orbitec PLA soft unopened 1 roll Snow ninja flex unopened Faberdashery is loose as sold, don't know exact colour names off hand. White 100mts Black 50mts Yellow, Clear blue, Beige, Purple sparkle, Silver, Fluro pink, clear green, all 25mts Rainbow fun pack 100mts ( 10 rolls of 10mts ) Went a bit mad ordering different colours.
  3. Had a rethink on the price overnight & have decided to drop the price to £1600. If it doesn't sell as a package I will consider splitting.
  4. I have for sale my UM2, owned it for about 4-5mths. I have only used it half a dozen times. Also included is £400 of filament, Colorfabb & Faberdashery. Most of it is unopened, I can list out what is included if anybody is really interested in purchasing. Asking price is £1800 would prefer to sell within the UK, however if you would like to purchase from outside the UK & are happy to arrange your own collection & delivery let me know. I'm just not using it so being sold to fund the purchase of a Carbon road bike.
  5. Is it recommended to level the bed again after installing the updated cura & firmware?
  6. @didier there was indeed a plugin running, I can only assume that it was in a downloaded gcode file or other as it wasn't something I had knowingly setup. Great having access to a forum such as this to glean information from as & when required. Many thanks
  7. @illuminarti the 30% is shown on the um2 display. I access it by going to tune during the print and increase the print speed to 100% @didier I have increased the speed on every print from printing the skull. However the next print it goes back to 30% printer is always turned off after use. Will look at the tweak this evening when I get home from work.
  8. When I first started using the UM2 what ever length of time it said in Cura was pretty much how long the item took to print. However since printing the Terminator skull & including the skull the print times are way, way over on time. The only thing I can find is that on the UM2 display the print speed seems to be preset to 30%. I'm assuming that it should be preset to 100% ? Am I on the right track or has some settings in Cura got changed as well?
  9. Has anyone printed the feeder with Colourfabb XT as it says in the bio that it is stronger?
  10. Greeting from Northern Ireland, pretty new to it all still myself.
  11. @ gr5 Location updated, i'm in Northern Ireland. I currently have mostly Faberdashery & some Colourfabb was just wondering if there was any other suppliers out there worth considering. @DonMilne the wording my not be great as i have dyslexia, I will have a look at your spectrum review. Quick check of the name shows them as being about 20 mile up the road from me in Newry so thats handy.
  12. I don't know all the different brands that are available or I would have done a poll out of curiosity. If like me you have purchased than 1 brand of filament. Is there one brand in particular that you gravitate towards? Or do you base it on the item to be printed and the filament type required.
  13. Hi Jerry, follow you on a couple of platforms. I though I liked gadgets until I started watching your unboxing videos. I need a few more zero's in my pay packet .... Lol Welcome to the forum & good to have you onboard.
  14. Thanks illuminarti the pulley was loose and up against the cover, a lot of swarf was left in the hole from machining thy could do with a couple of new cutters in there UM2 machine shop.
  15. Got the cylinder print done although it has got a lean to it that can be easily seen in the pics below. From the very little I know other than that it seemed to print ok? Aperature applies some sort of profile to the images when i put them on the computer, look fine on the back of the camera turns them very blue & seems to loose some definition. Any feedback much appreciated, assuming the bed isn't exactly level or something is slipping. Have had a couple of prints that looked like the belt had jumped a tooth all off to one side.
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