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  1. Hope it's ok to post a pic from another printer. but I like the community here and since I didn't want to wait so long for an um2, I decided to risk a printer from a relativly new company in poland (zMorph3d). Especially as I loved the way how easy it is to exchange extruder/filament/nozzles/glass etc. - that was one thing I didn't liked about um2. Well it finally arrived and so this is my first print out of the box - to be true I am pretty surprised about the inital quality. I used voxelizer (their own free software) for slicing/generating the gcode, but I think it looks pretty ok. Still I guess there is a lot to improve? I really want to try slicing it with Cura too and print it out to see the difference - any ideas on how to improve print quality? Currently its printed with 0.1mm layer height (currently using a 0.4mm nozzle) and Colorfabb PLA pink filament (210°C) on heated bed with some glue stic applied. What would be good settings to try this owl with cura? Kind regards, Oliver
  2. I have loaded several complex objects by now, there wasn't any crash as of yet. All of the objects where I had problems in Cura generating any support (I guess because of the small parts - cura just ignores support for them), they just loaded fine and the support strucutre looks quite good. Surely I don't have a printer yet... so I don't know how well it will print those stuff. As I found out they use this software for their own printer -> Zmorph3D - looks promising too, but yeah haven't seen one yet But I for one have to say that the user interface is easy to understand... especially you can directly control and simulate a printer with its exact move pathes etc.... can't find anything wrong here, looks pretty good to me
  3. Well if you would have asked me a few years ago, then I would agree... memory might be an issue. However these days memory isn't really an issue anymore, so as always, things may change and the future may benefit from using voxels. As you can see in their software the generation of support structure seems to be much better and more accurate. The question is how it will print out - since I don't have my 3d printer as of yet - I wonder if someone has used it already.
  4. Hey there, did anyone of you already tried to use voxelizer (http://www.voxelizer.com) to print on a UM2 or maybe in conjunction with Cura? The gCode produced by Voxelizer should also be useable by Cura, however it doesnt seem to load. I really like this software so far - especially its great generation of support structures, configure parameters etc. It seems to be a good idea to convert objects files into voxels instead of just slicing them before generating gcode. What do you think of it? Kind regards, Oliver
  5. Well if this is only an appearance issue, than it would be ok, but would you be able to print that with cura? Thanks for your help, Oliver
  6. Well I can open it in other programs fine. Its a gcode from Voxelizer, but had the same problem with the gcode file from makerbot.
  7. Oh yeah I know but that is exactly the problem... I am in layer mode and all I see is the empty um2 box and the layer slider only shows 1/1... so there is nothing in it?
  8. Hey there, I am using Cura 14.03 and whenever I try to open a GCode file from another program (e.g. Voxelizer, makerbot software etc.) it seems Cura is unable to load the file. There is no error message, but also no model visible. Is this a known issue? Kind regards, LD
  9. I hope they upgrade their quality management... I guess those things are not related to shipment problems and could be easily avoided. Doesn't each printer print a test example to check if everything is alright? I wonder why the home position problem or missing screws (rattling etc.) don't get catched at this process? At least most of problems could get easily resolved... but stil I hope I am more lucky than you in 8 weeks when I should receive my machine
  10. Nono I wont do spiralize, I know that doesn't make sense... but I guess the model itself seems to be hollow above her ankle... so I need to fix the model first to make her "full" ? I just saw that she is hollow when looking at the layers view
  11. Thanks for all the tips. Hmm I thought 3mm should be enough for support structure - will it bend or break, or what may happen? Oh and why don't you need any support between her legs? Actually I have no clue what will happen on areas which exist in the "empty space"... I mean the printer will forward material but there is nothing to lay it on - so he will probably put a little bit more on the next step where he lands with the nozzle - is this correct? Regarding the X-Ray mode... everything is blue there - nothing red? In layer mode the only strange thing i discovered is that only her feets get filled...above her ankle everything is hollow up to her head and does not get ANY infill (doesnt matter if I increase fill percentage) - I guess I need to change the model so that everything is not hollow? Oh and does anyone know what the different colors in layer mode mean (red, yellow, green... and the blue line must be the toolpath - is there also a way to see exactly on how the head will be moving?). Actually is brim helping that the pieces stay on the glass and don't fall apart? I heard with PLA you don't need a heated plate as it sticks anyway - is this correct? Kind regards, Oliver
  12. Thanks for the replies... actually I am very happy to hear that it would be possible! I was like... okay you guys will be busting this anyway^^. As far as theorycrafting can go, everything makes sense to me, except the spiralize option. I wonder how it would help to print this figure by going with one line straight up the z-axis... Now all I need to know is whome could I bribe to get my printer faster? :oops: Thanks again, Oliver
  13. Hey everyone First off, I have ZERO 3d printing experience as of yet and while waiting for the next 8+ weeks for my UM2 to arrive, I thought I would get familiar with Cura and some of the software suites. So do you think it would be somehow possible to print this 3D figure with standard PLA on a normal FDM printer or am I only dreaming? What I was trying to do is using the support structure from Cura (but to my eye it didn't give any useful result). So I tried to create the support structure via meshmixer (3mm thick) and that is what I came up so far . I know printing is the only way to find out, but I am pretty sure there are some experinced UM gurus out there who will already see all kind of problems with this and tell me thats not gonna work - and that is exactly why I post it here as I want to get as much knowledge beforehand as possible. So is this even possible? What problems will I face printing this and why? Is the support structure anything useful at all? Will this even stick on the glass? Well you see I am a complete newb Thanks in advance for taking your time, Oliver
  14. Yay I ordered mine today morning... still no shipping - OMG :twisted: Okay okay I guess I need to be more patient? :-P
  15. I see... however I wonder what was the reason why they changed this design then on the UM2 - isn't changing/replacing the nozzle something that you have to do sooner or later?
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